L'arrière NBA français des New York Knicks, Evan Fournier, est revenu avec franchise sur son utilisation au sein de la franchise

The terrible update that will depress Knicks fans!



New York could use some good news after another mediocre season. The supporters have also taken to dreaming after a shock revelation… except that this one would be false, in the end. Too bad, because it would have helped the franchise a lot.

The excellent 2020-21 season seems more and more to have been a simple burst, for the Knicks. They had then finished 4th in the East, but the following campaign saw them drop out of the Top 10. Yet another disappointment for the franchise, which has failed to regain any semblance of stability since its era of glory in the years 90. The coaches follow each other with a vengeance, the star players disappoint… and again, these are just simple repercussions.

Indeed, the biggest project of the New York organization probably resides at the top of the pyramid: James Dolan, the owner. Where his colleagues are doing what they can to advance their franchises, this is not the case for the big boss in Gotham. It is common knowledge, he does not have much to do with the legendary team, having come into conflict with many local legends including Patrick Ewing. It got to a point where LeBron James said he would never go thereas long as Dolan was there…

James Dolan not close to selling the Knicks

However, a journalist had dropped a mini-bomb recently, saying that the businessman could be inclined to part with the Knickerbockers within a year. Fans therefore began to dream of a change of direction and a healthy turn… Unfortunately, the latest update immediately brought them back to reality. As unveiled TMZ Sports Not long ago, Dolan reportedly had no intention of parting ways with the franchise, which is estimated to be worth around $6 billion:

James Dolan shuts down any talk of selling the New York Knicks, scoffing at the idea and outright saying it’s not going to happen. Rumors began swirling earlier this week when investment analyst Jonathan Boyar predicted Dolan would put the team up for sale after the new MSG entertainment venue opens in Las Vegas next year.

A representative for MSG was quick to deny the speculation, saying there were “no plans” to sell the Knicks and New York Rangers. Dolan reiterated that statement as he left businessman Noah Tepperberg’s birthday party at LAVO in West Hollywood smiling and saying “no” after being asked about the rumors.

The return to earth must have been brutal for the biggest local supporters, in particular the legendary director Spike Lee who openly hates the owner. A priori, the status quo will be maintained for a while, thus perpetuating the downward spiral of New York. The free agents mostly avoid the franchise because of him, since his presence results in an unstable organization and therefore regularly disappointing results. This is likely to continue in the years to come…

Contrary to what we might have believed for a few days, James Dolan would not be at all ready to part with the Knicks. It’s bad luck for the fans, who will have to live with his influence on the New York franchise for a while yet…

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