Vanessa Bryant, la femme de la légende NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, a révélé les terribles menaces qu'elle reçoit depuis la tragique disparition de son mari

The terrible fear that has eaten away at Vanessa Bryant since the Kobe accident



@vanessabryant / Joseph A. Lee (CC)

More than two years after the disappearance of Kobe and Gianna in a terrible helicopter crash, Vanessa Bryant continues to fight to bring them justice. All this while having to face daily a terrible apprehension, born following the tragedy.

Impossible for her and her daughters to fully mourn until this case is resolved. 31 months after the tragic death of her husband, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, Gianna, Vanessa Bryant is still trying to obtain compensation for the controversy surrounding their disappearance. The trial against the Los Angeles police continues, and pushes her to deliver terrifying revelations about the famous photos of the tragedy.

Vanessa Bryant still haunted by body photos

For the past few days, Vanessa Bryant has seen the people she accuses at the bar follow one another, and listens with difficulty their stories of this abominable soap opera. In the columns of PeopleDana Feldman and Jason Duaine Hahn this time transcribed the words spoken by the mother of the family during the hearing, filled with fear and resentment:

During her nearly three-hour-long testimony, Vanessa said she felt helpless after learning that members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office and other healthcare workers allegedly shared shocking images of Kobe, Gianna, and the seven other victims of the January 2020 crash. The revelation, she told federal court, led her to “live daily in fear browsing social media and seeing these pictures appear. »

“I want to remember my husband and my daughter the way they were. I never want to see these photographs. I have three little girls! (…) “I trusted them thinking they wouldn’t do these things,” the bereaved mother said during her testimony, adding that she was angry with law enforcement and firefighters for not having told him about this leak of the photos.

Anger and fear oh so understandable, which have totally upset his use of social networks. But more than this reluctance to go on the web, Vanessa affirms that she seeks above all to preserve the memory of her “babies” by continuing her legal actions:

“I’ve never had a panic attack before,” she said, reiterating that fear of the footage being shared publicly only made her pain worse. “I never want to see my babies this way. » (…) « I am ready to go back and forth to hell to do justice to my husband and my daughter. (…) “As a mother, all you want is to protect your babies. »

Not sure, however, that the verdict to come from the judges will not be enough to make this constant fear disappear.

Will Vanessa Bryant one day manage to get rid of her fear of randomly falling on a photo of Kobe or Gigi’s body? Nothing is less sure. In the meantime, she hopes above all that her testimony will allow the conviction of the culprits in this dark affair.

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