Steve Nash dégommé pour sa gestion de Kevin Durant !

The surprising untouchable Celtic in the negotiations for Kevin Durant!



Negotiations may have started a few weeks ago, Celtics and Nets fail to reach an agreement on the trade of Kevin Durant. Jayson Tatum is untouchable, while Jaylen Brown is reluctant to leave. But that’s not all on the side of Boston, since the franchise does not want to part with another member.

The Celtics have been in talks with the Nets for the Kevin Durant trade for some time now. The month of September is approaching nicely, and the two franchises have not really managed to make progress, despite KD’s recent ultimatum to his front office. This soap opera is set to last a long time, since with four years of contract, the player is not in a strong position.

Boston nevertheless has interesting assets, and undoubtedly an offer capable of convincing the Nets, but that does not mean that Brad Stevens is inclined to propose it. Jayson Tatum won’t be leaving, while Jaylen Brown could be included. The player’s wish is clearly to stay in Massachusetts, but he may not have a choice. Stevens clings to it, just like to another member: Robert Williams.

Boston ready to do anything to keep a player in the KD trade!

We already knew that Marcus Smart would not be easy to have for the Nets, if not impossible, but we must believe that Robert Williams is also added to this long list. The pivot, who has made his team happy for a few seasons in defense, is obviously considered too valuable for the future. According to Kurt Helin of NBC Sports, there’s no question of the C’S letting go of their defensive anchor.

There’s good reason to be pessimistic: Durant’s ultimatum to Nets owner Joe Tsai didn’t speed up discussions for a trade. On the contrary, it made a short-term outcome even less possible. Why would Boston improve its offer now? That deprives the Nets of leverage. For example, the Nets were trying to get Smart in a trade, but why would they want to consider him today?

Even without Smart (or Robert Williams III, also untouchable according to sources), a Celtics offer with Jaylen Brown is probably the best the Nets will see.

No Marcus Smart, no Robert Williams, let alone Jayson Tatum. We have to believe that if an agreement sees the light of day between the Nets and the Celtics, Jaylen Brown will be the only big name in the lot, accompanied by role players, as well as draft rounds. It remains to be seen whether Brooklyn can be convinced by such an offer, far from initial expectations.

Robert Williams will not go to the Nets, not immediately anyway. The Celtics want to keep the pivot, even if it means missing an opportunity to recruit Kevin Durant. Be careful not to regret something in Boston, with a Brad Stevens who continues to be very tough.

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