Kevin Durant dépité en conférence de presse

The strong decision of the league after the probable departure of Kevin Durant from the Nets!



It’s just a matter of time for Kevin Durant to find him on a new team. The Nets have every intention of accepting his request by sending him elsewhere, but the front office is keen to find the best possible counterpart. This is obviously where it gets complicated, especially since the NBA has just decided in this soap opera. A business blow.

The TV series Kevin Durant continues with the Nets, since the franchise is still looking for a way out for him before the recovery. The ideal scenario remains a trade before training camp, which will take place towards the end of September. If it’s not the case ? The media will be the first to put pressure on the roster, while no one knows yet if KD will agree to return. He could stay away, like Ben Simmons and the Sixers last year.

It’s possible the Slim Reaper won’t play while waiting for him to leave, which Brooklyn won’t necessarily mind. Even though the franchise has announced that it wants to keep winning, playing Durant is a risk with injuries. If the latter joins the infirmary, its value drops, which means that the Nets will get less in a trade. And that, we have to believe that the NBA understood it well when making its calendar.

The departure of Kevin Durant already problematic in Brooklyn

Rumors of a departure, players present in the workforce: everything can have an impact for the NBA, and the Nets are the perfect example. In his last article, even if it will be necessary to wait for a confirmation during the day, Brian Lewis affirms that Brooklyn will be impacted. According to the journalist, the Nets will have far fewer meetings planned on the national antenna, proof that the departure of KD seems acquired.

The Nets will have less exposure on national air, because of the drama Kevin Durant

No figures to give at this time, but knowing that KD will be leaving the ship soon, the NBA does not want to highlight the Nets too much and regret it later. The perfect example is next January 22, when Brooklyn will go to the Chase Center to face the Warriors. An explosive encounter for Durant’s first comeback in front of his former full audience. However, the game will only be on NBA TV, a “secondary” channel, and not on ESPN or ABC.

The Nets will visit the Warriors in San Francisco on January 22. The game is scheduled to air on NBA TV despite the fact that it will be Kevin Durant’s first return to Golden State in front of a full audience.

The Nets are going to lose a lot of money and visibility with the probable departure of Kevin Durant, the proof with the calendar. The NBA has always planned to highlight Brooklyn, but less than before, aware that the workforce should be turned upside down. Bad business for the organization.

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