La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, a été photographiée aux côtés d'un gros nom d'une top-team qu'il souhaiterait rejoindre, provoquant le buzz sur les réseaux

The shock factor that would make Donovan Mitchell leave the Jazz



While still a member of the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell knows his status could change in the coming weeks. The Knicks have discussed bringing him in, in addition to the Heat possibly taking action. There is almost no doubt that Spida will one day leave Salt Lake City, and for a very specific reason according to a journalist.

After many failures in recent seasons, the Jazz is beginning to turn. Rudy Gobert jumped ship to bolster Wolves, while Donovan Mitchell is still very uncertain. The person concerned did not ask to leave too, but Danny Ainge did not close the door for a possible departure this summer. Furthermore ? He negotiated with the Knicks for a trade, while the Heat are known to have an interest. However, good luck to validate this exchange.

Indeed, Ainge is not known to be a nice person in negotiations. Give in Mitchell? Yes, but it will be necessary to prepare astronomical offers to tip the balance to one side. New York is not ready to take this step, just like the other interested teams. A series similar to Kevin Durant, especially since the departure of Spida may be acquired.

Future already decided for Donovan Mitchell?

In 2025, at the earliest, Mitchell will be able to leave his team forever. He will have the freedom to choose his future destination, which means he can extend to Utah, or join a new team. Unlikely that the Jazz will wait that long, as the rumors seem to be confirmed: Spida will leave soon, there is no doubt. In any case, this is what affirms the journalist Andy Larsen, who works for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Let’s start with this prevailing sentiment among league insiders, which seems to indicate that Donovan Mitchell is likely to leave Utah at the earliest opportunity, which is in 2025. Mitchell calls New York City his home. He spends the vast majority of his offseason there for this year. Her personal trainer, Chris Brickley, operates out of a gym within the city. It makes sense that he’s interested in working there full time.

Spida indeed seems very attached to the city of New York, like that of Miami, since he grew up with Dwyane Wade as an idol. A departure in the Big Apple also seems quite likely, at least if an agreement for a trade is possible. But Larsen goes further on the reasons for a departure, and for a serious subject:

There are sociopolitical issues in Utah as well. Donovan Mitchell has spoken openly about racism in this state, especially against children. He spoke about a possible resolution of these differences, which earned him derisive words from the President of the Senate in Utah, Stuart Adams.

Not only would Donovan Mitchell want to play “at home”, but the issues of racism would also push the player towards the exit. We imagine that with his influence Spida, wants to change things, but could leave if he is not listened to. Hard to believe that the star will spend his career in Salt Lake City.

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