La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, a vu l'un de ses coéquipier dévoiler les messages qu'il lui a envoyés depuis sa mise au placard

The scandalous clauses demanded by Kyrie Irving at the Nets!



Before activating his option for next season, Kyrie Irving was looking for a nice and big extension in his heart franchise. Obviously, the negotiations would have failed because of the scandalous clauses that the leader wanted to impose on its leaders.

The Nets have been in the heart of the storm since the start of the summer, and they are even more so with the latest request from Kevin Durant : No. 7 is ready to withdraw his transfer request from Joe Tsai’s office, provided the franchise owner agrees to fire Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks. An ultimatum that may make the president of the Alibaba group think…

And because the owner has already sided with his trainer and managerit’s a safe bet that KD will pack his bags by the start of the school year, it remains to be seen for which franchise… A surprise team like the Pelicans would have positioned itself with a big package, but the player would very much like to stay in the Eastern Conference, to evolve with two players which he particularly appreciates. Concretely, he wants to play the title, nothing else.

Kyrie Irving didn’t want to play more than 60 games!

And a few more weeks ago Kyrie Irving also was in turmoil, since it was rumored that the point guard saw his future at the Lakers with LeBron James. This discontent in Brooklyn came from the failure of his contract extension, and when we see the conditions he was trying to impose, we understand better why his leaders refused. Ric Bucher explained in his podcast.

Joe Tsai has already proven that he could have a handle on the Kyrie Irving file, since he ruled out the possibility of offering him a max extension from the start of negotiations. From what I am told, he wanted a clause in his contract guaranteeing him that he would never play more than 60 games per season, and that he would not play back to back, considered inhuman by the leader.

This information is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, since Ric Bucher has just been posted by Shams Charania and Ben Simmons for having lied about the latest scandal about the Australian leader. According to the reporter, he decided to leave the Nets group chat before Game 4 of the series against the Celtics, serious accusations totally denied since.

And again, Ric Bucher’s revelations seem unlikely, although very believable. Kyrie Irving is a special player, he sees basketball as a hobby more than a job, and it would not be surprising to see him ask for crazy clauses in an extension. From there to think that he could refuse to play more than 60 games, even if he is in good health…

Kyrie Irving is a colorful character, which lends some credence to this rumor. But after the huge lie about Ben Simmons, it’s pretty hard to trust Ric Bucher when it comes to the Nets…

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