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The same – Visibility that goes beyond marketing (and reason)



Having just opened its beta to the public, Multiversus has simply become the most played fighting game on Steam, by far. If its popularity is undoubtedly linked to the many qualities of its gameplay, it is clear that the team behind the game will also have been able to integrate a community element appreciated by all, and making it shine on the networks: the same.

Shaggy Memes - Mortal Kombat 11
Sammy is one of the best characters in the current Multiversus tier list. We dream of seeing him in Mortal Kombat…

Multiverse – Memes as Gameplay

One of the good ideas of Multiversus was to integrate Sammy, the Scooby-Doo character, into its roster. Not because he is the antithesis of current models of virility, with his skinny arms and lanky style of clothing, but because no one would have ever imagined him having his place alongside superhuman fighters like Superman or Wonder Woman.

Nobody, until the incongruous creation of Ultra-Instinct Shaggy (the English name of Sammy) in the collective imagination, having led to a proliferation of meaningless memes as we like them.

Shaggy Ultra Instinct
It is said that Sammy has limitless power… He proves it in Multiversus.

This wave of unreasoned passion led Ed Boonthe director of Mortal Kombat 11, to share an ultra-realistic mockup of the character in response to sustained requests to integrate him into the game (which he ultimately won’t, boo-hoo).

Those who are disillusioned with Mortal Kombat can therefore be delighted to see it arrive in Multiversus, with a technique directly inspired by Goku’s concentration of energy, allowing him to strike a particularly powerful attack afterwards. However, this is not the only reappropriation of a meme in the game, which seems to want to make it a specialty…

During Comic Con, lebron james was announced as a Multiversus playable character. This news surprised more than one, since this is the only non-fictional character in the game, which denotes with the rest of the cast. But the real surprise comes from one of his attacks.

When James is deprived of his basketball, at the heart of his combat mechanics, his normal attack changes to recall his famous crestfallen expression, a reference to a crucial moment in a match during which one of his teammates did not pass him while he was unmarked.

Intelligently applied by the Player First Games studio in its platform-fighter, this integration of the same at the heart of the game’s gameplay is particularly relevant. It’s not about offering free fan-service, but about reclaiming social codes in game mechanics to reach a larger audience, using crazy creations.

Imagine for a moment that in Mario Kart 9 (if Nintendo pulls its fingers out one day), Luigi’s Death-Stare is an object in its own right that paralyzes opposing players, wouldn’t that be both funny and wonderful…?

And you, in the midst of these endless possibilities, what even would you like to see in your next license of heart?

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