Les deux superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, pourraient voir débarquer de nouveaux joueurs intéressants via le marché des buy-outs

“The rumors that send me to the Lakers? I don’t care, and I’m proud of it.”



The new NBA season is only two months away, giving the Lakers plenty of time to make a big move and significantly strengthen their roster. One of their targets, however, does not seem very receptive to their interest!

Giving up now would be grounds for dismissal for Rob Pelinka, who has nevertheless been very struggling since the beginning of the summer. After making some intriguing signings during free agency, the Lakers general manager knows he’s still eagerly awaited by LA fans. If he wants to regain points with them, he will certainly have to attract a big name before the start of the season. A very delicate task.

Tracked by the Lakers, Myles Turner snubs the rumors

The angelino front office has been working on various sizeable projects for several weeks now, without meeting with great success in this process. Besides the Kyrie Irving case, still defended by LeBron James internally, that of Myles Turner would be one of the alternatives. The leaders know what to expect, however, according to Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times :

Everyone knows that the team, because of the Stepien Rule, can only trade two first-round picks (2027 and 2029). If the Lakers really wanted to empty their arsenal, they could include pick trades to favor any deal. Altogether, that would certainly be enough, according to rival executives, for them to complete a trade with the Pacers around Turner and Hield (although the demands for Turner have generally revolved around two firsts).

In case of definitive failure in their quest leading to Kyrie, the Purple & Gold have the assets necessary to get their hands on two recruits of choice from the Pacers. Gold, it seems that they are not very in a hurry to activate this track. Similarly, the pivot of Indiana, despite the reconstruction discussed in his franchise, does not necessarily seem ready for anything to pack up.

Asked by Marc J. Spears for AndscapeTurner has indeed revealed that he does not at all take into account the noises of the corridor of which he is the subject:

This is the fifth offseason in which I have had to deal with trade rumours. “He’s going to land here, he’s going to do this, he’s going to do that…” I don’t care. I’ve finally become numb to it all, in a way, and that’s also one of the things I’m proud of myself for.

Experienced from the top of his 7 campaigns in the league, Turner learned long ago that it is useless to worry too much about his future. Instead, the 26-year-old big man is content to remain professional, and to prepare as well as possible for the season that awaits him. A season that he is not likely to spend in the City of Angels for the moment in view of the situation!

Regularly sent to the Lakers in recent weeks, Myles Turner chooses to ignore these speeches, and to focus above all on what he can control. In other words, it is not him who should push to join the Angelinos!

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