La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, surprise devant la déclaration d'un coéquipier concernant les besoins de la franchise à la trade deadline

The ridiculous sum touched by the traitor of the Warriors to release the video!



It’s not the first time that two teammates have fought in training, but Draymond Green and Jordan Poole are at the heart of the storm because of the mole who decided to make the video public. The craziest thing is that this traitor was not paid so well.

Who could have predicted that the start of the season for the Warriors would be so chaotic, only a few months after winning yet another ring, the most unexpected of all. Logically, Steve Kerr’s men should have started this new exercise with full confidence, with a certain excitement thanks to the return to his best level of James Wiseman, who could still take the collective into another dimension…

But no, in San Francisco at the moment it’s panic, the fault of the slippage so surprising Draymond Green. Admittedly, the interior is bloodthirsty who can quickly rise in the towers, certainly, he is the leader who must calm the ardor of the youngest and show them that humility is the key in this franchise… From there to violently hitting Jordan Poole in the middle of training.

Warriors mole only paid $10,000!

Faced with the media storm that falls on him, the All-Star has also made a strong enough decision and he might even miss the start of the season. The difference between this affair and the many other fights in the history of the league, like the one between Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr in Chicago is that the images quickly ended up on social networks because of a “traitor” in the organization. And the craziest thing is that he wasn’t even paid that well… Front Office Sports recount :

Shortly after the publication by TMZ of the famous video where Draymond Green puts a right to his teammate Jordan Poole, the speculations on the sum spent by the media to recover these images began. After several discussions with former employees of the site, all confirm that it is unimaginable that the prices advertised on social networks are true.

According to a source, it is absolutely impossible that TMZ went up to the 120,000 dollars announced by several sites. In all likelihood we would be much closer to 10,000 dollars. By way of comparison, the owners of the site would have spent 91,000 dollars in 2014 to recover the video of Ray Rice, NFL star who hit his wife in the elevator of a casino.

According to these former journalists of the site TMZ, Draymond Green and the Warriors were reportedly betrayed by an inside franchise source for just $10,000, which seems utterly paltry in the face of the storm created by these images. Either the employee in question is in a very precarious situation and he absolutely needs this money, or he wants to harm his bosses…

TMZ’s pricing policy is apparently fine tied and the leaders would never have broken the piggy bank to obtain this buzz video. For only 10,000 dollars, they ensured a monumental visibility, the publicity stunt is perfectly successful.

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