The RF 80.4 Trend, a Lamborghini Low Cost

The RF 80.4 Trend, a Lamborghini Low Cost


Even Lamborghini has the right to access the world of low cost. With the RF 80.4 Trend, the Italian can indeed offer a specialized tractor at a low price!

The Trend range is divided into two 3-cylinder models (70 and 80) and one 4-cylinder (80.4), with FARMotion engines (Stage IIIB) all equipped with turbocharger with intercooler and Common Rail injection circuit of 2,000 bars with electronic injection regulation. It is possible to choose the desired rotational speed, then to return to it later and to maintain it at a constant value automatically. The latest generation monobloc cooling unit integrates the viscostatic fan, the engine coolant radiator, the intercooler and the fuel radiator as well as the 8-inch PowerCore air filter. The 65 liter tank is located at the rear of the engine.

On the transmission side, these tractors are offered with 4 or 5 speed semi-powershift gearboxes under load, combined with 2 or 3 ranges with creepers and creepers as an option. However, the RF Trend Stage III B can be fitted with 8 x 8-speed and up to 30 x 15-speed gearboxes to find the right gear, whatever the field condition, according to your own requirements. To also optimize transfers on the road network, it is possible to drive at 40 km/h, regardless of the type of gearbox. These tractors are equipped with a low tunnel.

The rear PTO, with mechanical engagement and with independent clutch, is available both in 540 rpm and in the 540 ECO version. PTO synchronized to tractor speed is also available.

The maximum permissible load on the front axle is 1,800 kg with a maximum steering angle of 55°. The differential can be locked at 100%, the front and rear oil bath brakes ensure braking on all wheels. Hydraulic trailer braking is also available, which complies with the latest safety directives.

The hydraulic system uses an 18 l/min pump entirely dedicated to the power steering while the operation of the rear linkage and rear hydraulic valves (available in 2, 4 or 6 way) offers another 42 l gear pump /min as the maximum rate.

The mechanically controlled rear 3-point hitch is standard, but a compact version is also available to reduce maneuvering space with implements hitched at the end of the rows. The maximum lifting capacity for the standard version reaches 3,050 kg on the ball joints and, in the compact version, up to 2,700 kg.

The layout of the new driving position is rational and adopts the logic of the colors of the SDF group, which allows to locate the function of the controls which are grouped by typology and placed around the driving position in an ergonomic and functional way.

Technical characteristics of the Lamborghini RF 80.4 Trend:




Stage III B


4/3 849

Maximum power (hp)


Maximum torque (Nm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Maximum allowable load (kg)


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