Luka Doncic sur le banc des Mavs

The questionable strategy of the Mavs which could annoy Luka Doncic!



After being eliminated in the Western Conference Finals, Dallas intends to do even better in the coming months. For this, the franchise has a well-established plan, which could however not be favored by a certain Luka Doncic!

After having stumbled over the same obstacle for a long time, their elimination at the gates of the Finals paradoxically approached a success. Defeated by the Warriors in the conference finals, the Mavericks can already be satisfied with having passed a few rounds of the playoffs, and have high hopes for the coming seasons. Starting with the one to come, during which Luka Doncic and his teammates wish to strike a blow.

Orphaned by Kristaps Porzingis, the Slovenian full-back has nonetheless displayed excellent chemistry with the rest of the squad over the past postseason. The arrival of Spencer Dinwiddie has notably proved to be a success. Add to that the arrival of Christian Wood at the start of the summer, and you have a tantalizing cocktail that puts the Texans in the title race. Be careful, however, not to make strategic missteps.

Dallas doesn’t want a superteam around Doncic

Even if their name is often mentioned in rumors linked to league stars, the Mavs have so far refused to give in to this XXL recruitment policy. During his recent appearance on the Taylor Rooks podcast, Mark Cuban rightly mentioned this singular choice in the current era, and believes that his team does not need big reinforcements to succeed:

We hadn’t gone past the first round in 10 years, and a lot of that was down to our execution and not talking to our players during the playoffs. That’s what always came out. So I think for us the most important thing is not to attract a second star or anything. It is better that we gain experience in the decisive moments in the playoffs, and it will eventually pay off.

The owner of Dallas and his subordinates therefore advocate continuity, even if it means ultimately being inactive since the start of the offseason. A quits or doubles method, which could sooner or later frustrate Doncic. Indeed, El Matador may end up getting tired if his supporting cast does not allow him to win titles, or at least to access the Finals.

In an interview delivered a few weeks ago, Luka Magic made it clear to his superiors that their policy on the transfer market and free agents did not suit him. In other words, he’s hoping for more big-name recruits, which doesn’t really seem to line up with Cuban’s rhetoric. What possibly cause a fracture between the staff of the franchise and its star in the future!

Unlike other contenders, there is no question for the Mavericks to stack the big names alongside Luka Doncic. Certainly attached to Dallas, the Slovenian prodigy will not agree to carry the team alone for several more years!

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