Evan Fournier et les Knicks sont sur une cible des Lakers de LeBron James

The player who blocks the huge trade between the Lakers, Knicks and Jazz!



New York Knicks (DR) / Los Angeles Lakers (DR)

For a few days, the rumor of an XXL exchange between the Lakers, the Knicks and the Jazz has fascinated the fans of these three franchises. But according to the information of a journalist, the file would not advance because of a player, made untouchable in the negotiations

Ever since the huge trade for Rudy Gobert several weeks ago, who joined the Timberwolves after yet another disappointing playoff elimination with Utah, the transfer market seems to have stalled, at least at the All-Star level. Indeed, the French pivot was snatched against an insane price, and the selling franchises now refuse to lose players for less than 5 first rounds of Draft.

This is particularly the case for the Nets, who are still negotiating for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but potential buyers are logically becoming increasingly rare, GM Sean Marks almost asking the Moon to part with his players. It must be said that KD remains one of the best players on the planet, he has a 4-year contract, so it is unthinkable to see him leave for less than the pivot of the France team…

Derrick Rose untouchable at the Knicks?!

And on the side of Los Angeles too there could be movement, in particular to find a way out Russell Westbrook, which is no longer in management’s plans. A XXL trade with the Jazz and the Knicks has been discussed in recent days, but the negotiations are said to be blocked due to a player. Indeed, according to Utah insider Tony Jones, the Knicks would refuse to part with a big name. He spoke on the podcast of HoopsHype :

The discussions around an arrival of Donovan Mitchell at the Knicks are at a standstill. I don’t think an agreement is close, an agreement has never been close, but we have to wait and see as the training camp approaches if things change. The Knicks want to protect the young players coveted by the leaders of the Jazz. They also don’t want to include Derrick Rose in the negotiations.

He’s been Tom Thibodeau’s favorite for years now, and even though he’s a player who would be perfect in this trade thanks to his contract, I know the Knicks would love to keep him. He is still one of the priorities for the franchise today, like a player like Quentin Grimes.

According to Tony Jones, who follows the Jazz on a daily basis, the negotiations would not necessarily advance for an XXL exchange since the leaders of the Knicks would not want to part with Derrick Rose, soon to be 34, who is no longer the MVP. that he was. It remains to be seen whether the approach of the training camp will allow things to accelerate, and the three franchises to find an agreement for the exchange Westbrook – Mitchell – Knicks.

The Knicks dream of welcoming Donovan Mitchell, who also grew up in New York State… But for that he will to need agree to part with certain players, including Derrick Rose, who no longer necessarily has a future ahead of him. Tom Thibodeau won’t be happy, but the fans will.

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