The Occitanie Region takes care of students and employment

The Occitanie Region takes care of students and employment



The place was not chosen by chance this Thursday, September 22 in Cologne for this return to the elected Regional Gers. The latter met for a press conference in the premises of the Chabanon company, which with its two structures (Company Chabanon and Cars Gers Garonne) transports some 500,000 pupils over a school year. The two companies are holders of the CO2 charter and Mobile Quality in partnership with national education.

€500 in aid per child enrolled

Before getting to the heart of the matter, Muriel Abadie, vice-president of the Region in charge of tourism, evokes “a particularly difficult return to school for the Gers due to the drop in purchasing power, events in Ukraine, the inflation, unjust social reforms. We must try to work in favor of people whose difficulties we know both among young people and their families so that they can live with dignity. We have to help them so that each of them can find their place in the world of work, we are doing this with the Hiring Pact. Finally we have the cheapest back-to-school in France with 500 € in aid”.

The amount invested for each high school student is €1,533

In the framework of Youth and Education, David Taupiac underlines “the explosion of energy costs which has been multiplied by 3 to 5 times. There is a whole range of measures to be put in place with, among other things, the installation of photovoltaic panels and the revegetation of high school courtyards to create fresh spaces”. He also recalls that 100% of public high schools are labeled digital, that 100% of high school students have “loRDi”, that 100% of youth cards are validated and finally the amount invested for each high school student is €1,533.

In terms of school transport, 10,420 pupils from kindergarten to secondary school are transported every day, ie 180,000 young people in the Region at a cost of 200 million euros. Still in relation to school transport, the Region finances candidates for bus training.


Among the novelties to be noted “the Mobile Orientation Houses, MOM”, two vehicles in the colors of the Occitanie Region will crisscross the territory with guidance professionals on board who will meet pupils, students and job seekers with priority trips to rural areas and political districts of the city.


Eric Cadoré highlights two measures, first of all the Pact for hiring so as not to leave any young person on the side of the road, “we must go to meet the public far from employment”. For the Gers, the TAF event, Travail Avenir Formation, will take place on October 10 in Vic-Fezensac, place du Cheval Blanc from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Led by Pôle Emploi, the TAF will focus on a sector identified as being in tension in this part of the territory, namely the professions of the health and social sector.

The Young Ecological Income, REJ, intended for young people aged 18 to 29, will be complementary to the aid already in place and will be able to guarantee an income of up to €1,000. The aim is to encourage young people furthest from education. to move towards green professions and support them in their training course, their project to create or take over a company promoting ecological transition.

Muriel Abadie concluded on seasonal jobs by wishing to find them a bridge with the Pact for hiring. Finally, the Vice-President of the Region, reveals Occitanie has enabled 2,400 young people to go on vacation, including 120 with disabilities and 60 Ukrainians


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