Terrible nouvelle pour les Nets en vue de la fin de saison !

The Nets new favorites to welcome the big star of the market?!



A few hours ago, the Nets were on the brink with the potential departures of Kyrie Irving and Kevin During. Now that their future is secure in Brooklyn, the franchise seems destined for glory, with the potential arrival of the biggest star available on the market.

Everything moves very quickly in the NBA, and that’s what makes the charm of this unique league. For the past few days, mass seemed to be being said in Brooklyn, where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were announced on departure, the fault of fairly significant disagreements with management. The leader wanted a long-term and lucrative extension, the leaders a short solution, an in-between was found with activation of the player’s 37 million clause.

And while the Nets seemed to be on the brink a few hours ago, this extension takes them back to another dimension, where the title is more than a possibility. Uncle Drew will be keen to prove to his leaders that he deserves the max, KD will want to prove to the Warriors that he too can win on his side, which should create a great show on the floor of Barclays Center.

Deandre Ayton soon in Brooklyn?!

Still in line with this “extension” of Kyrie Irving, the Las Vegas bookmakers have decided to update their odds on several topics: already at the title level, but also at the level of an exchange for Deandre Ayton, the most talented player on the market this summer. Obviously, more and more of them think that the pivot will end the summer in the Big Apple.

Odds in Las Vegas are rising rapidly for Deandre Ayton to join the Nets. Do they know something?

More and more Las Vegas bookmakers believe that Deandre Ayton will join the Nets in the coming days, which is quite surprising. Indeed, to welcome him, GM Sean Marks will have to think of a major sign-and-trade, it will necessarily be necessary to sacrifice an important and talented player, it remains to be seen which one.

Logically, it is Ben Simmons who should be involved in this hypothetical exchange, he who is not necessarily the most reliable player and who could not prove himself in the Big Apple, the fault of an injury on the back last season. Brooklyn was destroyed in the racket during the series against the Celtics, the arrival of Deandre Ayton would be great news for Steve Nash and the group.

The Nets could have lost Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the space of a few hours, and finally, they find themselves favorites to welcome Deandre Ayton, the most talented player on the market… Everything is going too fast in the NBA, especially at this time.

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