NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

The Nets gesture that infuriated Kevin Durant revealed!



Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets for a few weeks already, but impossible to know what really happened. A problem with Steve Nash and Sean Marks? The answer is yes, but that’s not the cause of this drama according to the NY Post. If KD wants to leave, it’s for another move from the front office, which didn’t appeal at all.

At the Nets for three years, Kevin Durant asked to leave the ship since the beginning of the summer. His leaders are not really trying to retain him, but his departure will take time. The front office is asking a lot to sell the star, unsurprisingly, but no one wants to pay such a price right now. It’s highly likely that Durantula will still be a Brooklyn Net when it resumes next October.

It’s clearly not a good scenario, especially for the other players in the squad, but it’s the reality. It remains to be seen whether the leaders want to take such a risk, because the media are likely to exert enormous pressure, in particular on Ben Simmons. However, a detail had still gone unnoticed: why did KD ask for his departure? Is Steve Nash the cause?

Kevin Durant furious after Nets pick

Given his ultimatum, we can think that KD has a problem with Nash and Marks. We do not know exactly the reasons, but we imagine that there were disagreements on certain choices. A version confirmed by the NY Post, which explains that it was the dismissal of a relative of the player who went very badly. The worst ? Durant was not consulted, nor warned, by this choice. This explains his anger, and what is happening today.

The ultimatum did not really cause a deterioration in relations with the owner. It’s not that. Durant, among other things, was not consulted by the Nets about firing assistant player development coach Adam Harrington when the season ended. “Some things complicate everything, like just firing someone without notifying their relatives in the organization, or even having a discussion about it. »

Harrington’s departure is therefore behind this trade request, or at least in large part. We know that KD was close to him, and he didn’t appreciate not being warned, which was perhaps the least of things. We imagine that he blames Marks for this decision, and Nash for not having retained him. It is important to note that the former assistant was at a WNBA game recently, and that he was able to see some Nets players again according to spectators, all in a good atmosphere.

I would not say that this departure is the result of one choice, but of several. I think KD wants to leave no matter what now. Whatever the reasons.

One dismissal, one dubious explanation, and that’s how the Nets’ relationship with Kevin Durant fell apart. The star wants to leave, but we understand a little better the reasons behind this choice, just like the recent ultimatum posed to the front office. The fracture is in any case permanent.

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