LeBron lâche une nouvelle masterclass unique dans toute l'histoire !

The most popular player? LeBron badly snubbed by a friend!



LeBron James is arguably the most beloved NBA player in the world, with fans in every city and jerseys lining hall seats every time he goes. But for a good friend of the King, he would be far from the craze created by another legend of the Lakers.

There are franchises that move much better than others in the NBA. Franchises which, even outside, give the impression of playing at home. Unsurprisingly, these teams are often the most prestigious in history, the most successful. For example, when the Celtics play at the Eastern Conference rivals, it’s not uncommon to see the stands fill up with green jerseys.

But this effect is also visible with some players. For example, wherever he went, LeBron James moved the crowds. Whether it’s with the Cavaliers, the Heat or now the Lakers, the King is unquestionably the most supported player in the world, and his many fans are snapping up tickets all over the United States for the chance to see him. actually evolve.

Kobe Bryant named Kevin Love’s Most Loved Player

When the Lakers travel to Portland or New Orleans, the No. 23 or No. 6 jerseys are obviously the most represented in the stands, the spectators hold their breath as soon as they touch the ball, a special atmosphere is created. installs and feels even behind a screen. But for Kevin Love, passing through the #AskGarryVee podcast, this expectation around the King has nothing to do with what created Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is definitely the player who made me react when I saw him for the first time. I mean no disrespect to LeBron, because he manages to get the fans moving too, but we were a superteam destined to play the title, all of our opponents wanted to release the game of the year against our Cavaliers, he so there was a different energy each time.

Whereas in my debut, it didn’t matter if it was a Tuesday lost in the schedule in Minneapolis, Kobe filled the room. There was particular excitement throughout the city when he came. When Kobe played against us it was a home game for the Lakers, but it was the same in every other room in the league.

According to Kevin Love, if LeBron James managed to excite fans in the NBA, it has nothing to do with the fascination that surrounded Kobe Bryant, even at the end of his career. Obviously, the Mamba could create a craze throughout the city, even among non-sports fans, which is to say the aura of a champion he had. In any case, it is the Lakers who benefit from the phenomenon.

By watching LeBron James play, fans know they are going to see a complete game, passing in the right tempo and potentially spectacular actions. Moving to see Kobe Bryant, they were expecting to see a huge offensive card, which creates additional excitement.

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