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The monster salary demanded by a young star from the East!



Despite the explosion of wages within the big league, some continue to have eyes bigger than their stomachs. A young player from the Eastern Conference is the perfect example, recently. No chance that his franchise will accede to his request…

It’s officially been a month since free agency and the transfer market opened, but some players haven’t yet secured the new contract they so desire. The point that poses a problem is generally the amount included in the lease, the leaders sometimes being a little cautious about giving so many dollars to a particular man. A frustrating situation that Collin Sexton knows only too well, on the side of the Cavaliers.

The latter thus saw Darius Garland gain more and more momentum in Ohio, to the point of being elected All-Star in 2021-22. Suddenly, the local front office no longer really needs to invest as much in the former Alabama, and therefore made him an offer of 40 million over three years. Unsurprisingly, the interested party refused… but he may regret it. Chris Fedor from Cleveland.com recently revealed his salary demands on the Zach Lowe podcast, and they are outrageous:

Collin Sexton ultra-greedy at the Cavaliers

Collin Sexton wanted just over 20 million a year at the start of this offseason. I was told he wanted an annual contract that starts with a two and not the number one. And he sees himself as a starting back in the NBA.

Here is one who does not lack breath… Not only is the required price very (too) high, but on top of that, he is simply coming out of the worst season of his career. Long injured, he has only played 11 games for 16 points and two assists on average. This did not prevent JB Bickerstaff’s men from signing a surprising campaign, appearing for a long time in the Top 4 in the East and finally reaching the Play-In.

Suddenly, the situation of the former No. 8 draft is really not in his favor. As Sam Amico reminds us of Hoopswire, his franchise has his hand on his file but above all, interest in the player has been close to nil since the opening of the market. At present, only two franchises seem to follow his case, but it’s hard to imagine them lining up so much money for a player who has just spent almost an entire year stuck in the infirmary:

Sexton is a restricted free agent, which means the Cavs can match any offer from another team and keep him. But for Sexton, no further offers have been made, and we are over a month into free agency. The Jazz are closely monitoring Sexton’s situation, and the Wizards are among those who have him in their sights, the sources say. For now, the Cavs philosophy seems to be, “Here is our offer. Go ahead and see if you can do better”.

Collin Sexton demanded a mountain of gold from the Cavaliers, but he’s probably going to have to sit on it. With his injury history and the success of his people without him, his leaders have no interest in investing so much in the leader.

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