NBA Giannis mis à mal par un joueur des Celtics

The monster duo that the Bucks could form with Giannis!



Despite a title already acquired, the Bucks have not changed their objective, especially given the demands of Giannis Antetokounmpo in this Eastern Conference. The leaders try to maintain a competitive workforce, to the point that they tried to associate it with a superstar this summer. A file that will have to be followed closely until the recovery, you never know.

Among the leaders of this Eastern Conference, the Bucks know full well that the competition is still as strong. If the Nets seem to be out of the race, for now, the Sixers or the Celtics are formidable opponents, not to mention the Heat. All means are therefore good to improve the roster, including trying splurges, such as Kevin Durant for example.

Giannis associated with another superstar?

As you can imagine, the vast majority of franchises have reached out to Brooklyn at least once this offseason to talk about KD’s case. The latter has insisted on his desires elsewhere recently, but the negotiations are always very slow, the fault of a very high consideration to recover the Slim Reaper. We learn today via Shams Charania that Milwaukee tried its luck, just to find out more.

The 76ers expressed interest in Durant while the Bucks and Nuggets also contacted the Nets in late June and early July to get an idea of ​​the price.

The price ? Not necessarily exorbitant, unlike today. It should be remembered that Rudy Gobert’s trade arrived shortly after, so we can think that the demand for the Nets was not necessarily the same as at present. Today ? It will take a good effort to recruit the former Warrior.

For a team like the Bucks, that means sacrificing first-round draft picks, or players like Khris Middleton or even Jrue Holiday. Even if Milwaukee has the means, we imagine that the leaders will not try their luck, even if no scenario should be ruled out with training camp. After all, Giannis could force a trade, or at least invite his front office to do the needful.

While waiting for his possible exchange, KD continues to make the buzz on social networks, in particular becausehe decided to become a fan of a new team. This does not fail to amuse Internet users, especially when you know its liabilities. If Durant decides to support the Packers very soon, he will in any case be ready for his possible departure to Wisconsin alongside Giannis.

Could Kevin Durant join the Bucks? The franchise is interested, even if the price will logically be a big obstacle in these operations. Watch out for a new offensive between now and the resumption, especially if Giannis Antetokounmpo puts a little pressure on it.

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