Bronny James a impressionné sur le circuit AAU

The man who will decide the future of Bronny James, ahead of LeBron!



The years pass quickly, as always in sport, and Bronny James will very soon find himself confronted with the leap into the adult world. Where ? One thing is certain according to the latest information from The Athletic: the identity of the decision-maker is already known… and it is not about LeBron.

It is well known that children grow up quickly. This is even more true in the case of Bronny James, who will celebrate his 18th birthday on October 6th. After a quality high school course on the side of Sierra Canyon, the eldest of LeBron is about to play his last season in high school. All this, of course, after a visit to France which promises to be thrilling on August 15, and during which the King himself could manifest his presence in France.

And then ? This is obviously the multi-million dollar question. First, if Bronny is in the top 40 players in his class at the moment, no one knows what his real level will be at the end of his senior season, often decisive. Then, the demand will be strong anyway, and it will be time to decide for the “James Gang”.

LeBron’s right-hand man who will choose Bronny’s future

The current landscape offers many possibilities to prospects coming out of high school. If direct integration into the NBA is no longer allowed, although Adam Silver is in favor of its recovery, the possibility of the NCAA remains prevalent, as does that of playing in a professional league abroad. This is for example the path taken by LaMelo Ball a few years ago.

Still, this choice, oh so important for Bronny, will not go to LeBron but to… Rich Paul. In any case, this is what Joe Vardon of The Athletic says:

In the fall of 2023, Bronny will either be in the NCAA, or in the G League Ignite, or in Australia. Or in any place where Rich Paul has decided to place it.

That has the merit of being clear. Big boss of Klutch Sports, holder of immeasurable influence in the NBA, Rich Paul should be given the keys to the truck by his lifelong friend LeBron. Of course, the Chosen One will obviously have a say in the decision taken by his agent for Bronny, but it is indeed Paul who will be in charge to assess what will best suit the Young King.

Right now, it’s hard to say. Are the NCAA and its American media the best asset for Bronny? Should he be sent to toughen up in Europe in order to discover a new style and escape the pressure around him? Or directly make it a professional in the United States via the G League? Hard to see clearly. And it is precisely for this reason that Rich Paul will be mandated.

Very influential with the James circle and across the entire basketball planet, it is therefore Rich Paul who should be in charge of choosing the most suitable situation for Bronny at the end of his last season of high school. G League? NCAA? Australia? The boss of Klutch Sports will decide, and there is no doubt that his great friend LeBron will have the most total confidence in him.

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