The Local Initiative Platform explained by its president

The Local Initiative Platform explained by its president



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The Local Initiative Platform supports business creation, takeover or development projects. Meeting with its president, Jean-Louis Malé.

The accreditation committee organized by the Local Initiative Platform (PIL) was held at the Chaurian branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). The opportunity for a point with its president, Jean-Louis Malé.

What is the Local Initiative Platform that you chair?

The Local Initiative Platform is an organization whose vocation is to support and help the creation, takeover and development of businesses, in this case for that of Castelnaudary in the territory of the West Audois.

Who is behind it?

The PILs were created in 1981, often on the initiative of the CCIs or chambers of trades, but some may have another origin. 200 PILs are currently in operation in France.

Since when does it exist?

That of Castelnaudary was established in 2000 and has been operating continuously for 22 years.

Who are its members ?

Its members are business leaders, bankers, accountants, lawyers, business advisers and local authorities, all from Lauragais. They apply to the office and thus participate in the development and maintenance of the economic fabric of Western Audois.

What is his mission ?

The committee received business start-up or takeover project leaders who requested zero-rate honorary loans as part of the start-up of their activity. The Local Initiative Platform supports the creation, takeover and development of businesses in the region with interest-free loans, ranging from €3,000 to €25,000 under conditions, sponsorship and advice for the financial structuring of project leaders and companies less than five years old. It also monitors the companies it finances in order to increase their chances of success.

Who submits the projects you study to you?

Candidate files are collected by the CCI or the Chamber of Trades, or the management shops. These partners proceed with the constitution with the candidates of the presentation file.

How is the support, monitoring and advice to project leaders going?

When the file is complete, it is submitted for the approval of the PIL, which receives and auditions the candidate. Then, in plenary assembly, the PIL decides whether or not to grant the funds requested.

How many projects studied and how many selected this year and previous years?

Between 15 and 20 applications are accepted each year, 19 in 2021 and approximately €150,000 granted resulting in approximately €1,500,000 in bank loans in 2022. To date, 14 applications have been accepted for €120,000, resulting in €1,224,000 bank loans. These figures reflect the annual activity of the PIL of Castelnaudary and prove, if need be, its economic importance for our Lauragais. In addition, the permanent members of the PIL seconded by the Chamber of Commerce effectively monitor the candidates and their projects. Regular management points are carried out and the project survival rate is around 95%.

How many projects have you supported this year in Lauragais?

Among the projects that received a favorable opinion on July 19, we notably include the takeover of a hairdressing salon and the creation of a cheese and creamery in Castelnaudary, the creation of a tree climbing park in La Pomarède, the takeover of a bakery in Castelnaudary, the takeover of a bakery in Belpech, the creation of a tea room in the town center in Castelnaudary, and the takeover of a sandwich shop in Labastide-d’Anjou. In 2021, the association granted 19 loans in the Lauragais territory, making it possible to create or maintain 41 jobs.

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