La superstar NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, James Harden, pourrait bientôt composer un nouveau redoutable big-three

The league’s terrifying new big three revealed?



Despite the recent failures of this kind of associations, the Big Three are obviously still popular in the NBA. The proof: a new franchise would seek this summer to associate three superstars in its ranks, which would have something to shake the competition!

If the poster of the Finals currently taking place between Celtics and Warriors could highlight a model of team building, it is certainly not that one. Despite the concentration of stars in this series, almost all of them were drafted by both teams. What weigh down a little more the image of the big duos or trios assembled from scratch.

The recent results of the big-threes assembled all over the NBA are indeed not very glorious in recent years. Perhaps the best examples of these failures remain those of the Lakers and Nets, whose struggles this season could serve as lessons for other teams. However, it would seem that one of them is also trying to “artificially” manufacture its triplet of All-Stars.

The star tracked by the 76ers to support Harden and Embiid

Despite the arrival with fanfare of James Harden last February, the Sixers failed to get their hands on the title they covet so much. Worse, they saw their dream destroyed in the second round of the playoffs, eliminated by the Heat. The Philadelphia front office should therefore seek to further strengthen the roster during the offseason, and thus aim for… Bradley beal according to Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report !

A few separate rumors suggest that Beal and Embiid want it done. Shortly after the trade deadline, Bill Simmons of The Ringer reported on his podcast that Embiid “really wanted ‘Beal’ and pushed hard for him to come. In March, Andrew Bogut said on his podcast that Beal was “rumored” to “try landing in Philadelphia this summer to team up with Harden and Embiid.” »

The interest would therefore be mutual in this file, and the fact could work on paper. Indeed, Beal proved that he could shine alongside another star in Washington, in the person of John Wall. At the same time, Harden gradually reverted to a game manager, favoring scoring assists. However, Hughes prefers to warn that such a meeting of talent will be difficult to set up for Phila:

Can they get their hands on Beal? When we want we can. As far as practicality goes, the Sixers would have to find a buyer to offload Tobias Harris’ salary in order to sign Beal, or tie up a highly unlikely trade. But there is in any case enough smoke to suggest that a fire outbreak is possible.

Always looking for the winning recipe to conquer the title, the 76ers would be tempted by the idea of ​​​​associating Bradley Beal with Joel Embiid and James Harden. To see if this trio would reap more success than those already formed elsewhere in the league!

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