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The Las Vegas NBA Summer League kicks off tonight!



The Las Vegas Summer League starts tonight! This summer event organized as an extension of the Draft and during the Free Agency has become over the years an unmissable event for basketball fans and for the NBA franchises that take part in it. But in fact, what is the principle? And then what’s the point of having guys play in the summer when others are on vacation? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

The concept of Summer League in the United States is far from new. For several decades, many professional basketball players have often spent part of their summer participating in these tournaments of a few days, with the aim of working on their basketball to come back sharper when the NBA resumes. Of course, nothing official most of the time: things are done simply, with pick-up games organized in gymnasiums or on street courts. At the same time it’s summer, might as well enjoy the sun huh. In 2004, faced with the multiplication of these competitions throughout the country, the boss of the league David Stern said to himself that it would be good for the business to put some order in there and to formalize a Summer League stamped NBA bringing together the teams of the League. His model? Without a doubt the Rocky Mountain Revue, a tournament held by the Jazz since the early 1990s and which quickly invited a few NBA teams to come and pound the pavement of Salt Lake City. Neither one nor two, we are leaving for Las Vegas, again for quite obvious business reasons since Sin City does not have a professional basketball team. The first year, only six teams were present but very quickly, the sauce took hold and the guests increased, rising to sixteen in 2007, 22 in 2008 and finally thirty in 2018. For fans of arbitration, a little point of rules. Basically, everything is like in the NBA except for the playing time reduced to that practiced in FIBA, namely 4×10 minutes. Note also the implementation as a test of the take foul transitionwhich will penalize attempts to deliberately interrupt a counterattack.

The objective of this Summer League? Make the rookies just landed in their franchises work, give a first glimpse of what they have in their stomachs before letting them breathe a little for the training camp at the start of the school year. Be careful, rookies are not the only guests. Teams are very fond of bringing in players specifically for the competition. These players play the rest of the season in other leagues, usually in Europe, Asia or Australia. The same is valid for the technical staff. Tacticians from all over the world come to bring their game science to the heart of Nevada for a week. Finally, the squads are often supplemented by players already under contract with NBA franchises, but with ultra-limited playing time. For example, it will be possible to find Moses Moody, champion 2022 with the Warriors, in the group sent to Las Vegas by the management of Golden State. If you wanted to see LeBron James, Stephen Curry or Giannis Antetokounmpo at work, sorry but you will have to be patient with YouTube videos. The best players in the League are never integrated into these workforces, which are primarily dedicated to quasi-experimental development. It’s not impossible, however, to come across them, if luck smiles on you, in the front row of the stands cheering on their teams and blasting the decibels with the heat of the crowd.

We could logically say: “Boy, if there are only second-rate players, it shouldn’t be crazy crazy…”. Ouch ouch Pepito, what a mistake because this event is unmissable. All these players, these tacticians who have come from afar, have only one objective: to be noticed by the recruiters and officials present for the event. The game is therefore quite intense, because there are always one or two places to recover for a training camp. As also said above, all the just drafted rookies are also on the field, so all the media are present to analyze each game fact and draw more or less hasty conclusions on the best young people of each generation. Besides, we made you a nice little piece of paper to present it all to you right here, it’s a gift. For the more chauvinistic among us, there is also something to eat since the French will take part in the tournament. In a jumble? Ousmane Dieng, Hugo Besson, Ismaël Kamagate, Moussa Diabaté… but also TJ Parker, who will officiate on the Bucks bench. That’s a lot of reasons to get up anyway. A champion is also designated at the end of each edition since 2013, and the last winners are the Kings. The potential for valves is immense with this information, so don’t hold back. Who says champion says MVP, a title that is a huge honor a nice reward to take with you on a barbecue party. In the list of the best players? We find in particular Jonas Valanciunas, Damian Lillard, Lonzo Ball or Blake Griffin. Names that have rather confirmed their talent in the NBA behind.

Congratulation ! You are now an (h)expert in the Las Vegas Summer League. Well maybe not actually, but at least you know what it is and why it exists. That’s good, it’s exactly what was needed so that you no longer have any excuse not to watch it.

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