NBA les Lakers se prennent un gros tacle

The Lakers take a terrible missile, the Clippers involved!



Before being able to claim a role as a candidate for the title, the Lakers will first have to regain the confidence of observers. A famous journalist has recently destroyed them, using a rather savage comparison with the Clippers… it hurts!

33 wins for 49 losses, a pitiful 11th place in the West and even the Play-In reached: the Lakers have become the laughing stock of the league, in 2021-22. Nothing worked from start to finish, a disaster that absolutely must be corrected from the fall. Only problem, the Californians evolve in the West, seen as a jungle by everyone because of the very strong competition. Getting out of it is therefore very far from child’s play… but before that, there is already another big obstacle to overcome.

Because beyond their conference, it is downright their own division that looks like a group of death. There are, of course, the defending champion Warriors, as are the Suns who have again become a stronghold of the league for two years. And if the Kings aren’t a threat, it’s a whole different story when it comes to the Clippers, the local rivals of the Purples and Golds. They even managed to do better than James & co. last year, by reaching the Play-In when they too were diminished.

However, unlike the franchise with 17 champion banners, Tyronn Lue’s squad is considered a real contender for the top places in the West. For Stephen A. Smith, there is also no question to ask: it is indeed the Sailboats who are the masters of the City of Angels, and that does not date from yesterday. His latest outing on the subject is quite startling, showing how much the Lakers are struggling against them lately:

Stephen A. Smith: ‘The Clippers are sweeping the Lakers’

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no rivalry in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Clippers have beaten the Lakers 32 of the last 38 or 39 times. They beat them, I think it’s seven times in a row. It’s total domination. And last year they did it without Kawhi. Well, Kawhi is back. With Paul George. They signed John Wall, who is far from an average player.

I have news for you: The Lakers aren’t even the best team in Los Angeles, far from it. The Clippers sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in their own city.

This is a serious sting for Purple & Gold fans… their team has lost its footing, and its direct enemy has taken the opportunity to take the throne of LA. Reclaiming it will not be obvious, but it will take at least that if the King and others want to go far in the playoffs.

For Stephen A. Smith, the Clippers are clearly the best team in Los Angeles. Batum & co. did better than the Lakers in 2021-22, as Kawhi Leonard signed a white season. If the diatribe of the journalist was full-bodied, it is difficult to contradict.

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