La rumeur archi-humiliante qui a couru sur Russell Westbrook

“The Lakers should trade Westbrook and THT for these 4 players! »



Without playoffs last year, the Lakers have little room for error for this new campaign. The franchise still needs to make decisions ahead of the resumption, with possible trades including Russell Westbrook and Talen Horton-Tucker. For a journalist, the ideal exchange is already found.

It doesn’t seem like it, but the Lakers find themselves under a lot of pressure on the eve of this NBA recovery. The games will wait until October, of course, but the training camp will start late in September, and will allow the different teams to find their automatisms. We know how much of a difference this can make, especially to get this new campaign off to a good start. The Angelinos are directly concerned, they who cannot miss each other.

By missing the playoffs last year, the Lakers have already grilled their joker. No question of reliving such a fiasco for Jeanie Buss, the owner, who has promised in-depth changes if it were to happen a second time. With a Russell Westbrook in the vicinity, and depending on its performance, it could also be the case. That’s why Rob Pelinka is still looking for a way out.

Inevitable trade at the Lakers before the recovery?

With Talen Horton-Tucker or Kendrick Nunn, here are two other players who could leave the ship, embarking with them two first draft rounds (2027 and 2029). The offer is possible, but only if the consideration is worth it. The journalist Tim Bontemps has just posed an idea, with a possible trade with 6 players in total, including 4 who would take the direction of the City of Angels.

If I’m the Lakers, I’m very interested in the Jazz roster and I say to myself: “Hm, they have Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson or even Patrick Beverley. They could get those four players in exchange for THT and Russ. Again, if I follow the Lakers, I tell myself that these players could allow us to shine and be competitive again.

On paper, the rendering would indeed be very interesting. Defense with Conley and Beverley, and scoring with the two other players mentioned, all capable of playing off the bench or in the starting 5. The problem ? We doubt that the Jazz agree. By knowing the franchise’s request to the Knicks to sell Donovan Mitchellwe doubt very much that Danny Ainge will accept two first rounds of picks for all that.

Ainge is still in the 2010s, where they hope to get the upper hand on opposing franchises. It’s possible to sell those four players, especially if Spida jumps ship, but certainly not with Russ, THT and probably two first-round draft picks. It will take a lot more to convince the leaders, a luxury that the Angelinos do not have at present.

On paper, the trade is ideal for the Lakers with the Jazz, but far too good to be true. Danny Ainge is known to be greedy, we doubt very much that he is satisfied with so little for so many players, although we are not talking about stars either. However, looking in the Utah roster remains a possibility.

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