Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, LeBron James et Russell Westbrook, vivent un début de saison très délicat avec leur équipe, illustré par une statistique assassine

“The Lakers only copied their enemies by doing this”



Expected at the turn of this offseason, the Lakers started it with several arrivals already recorded. However, the biggest move they have made so far would be a simple reproduction of those made before by the competition!

Already left behind in the title race last year, they have fallen further behind their rivals in recent months. Prematurely eliminated from the playoffs in 2021, the Lakers did not even participate in 2022, unable to even integrate the Top 10 of the Western conference. It therefore seemed essential that the leaders make changes quickly to regain the heights.

Barely finished their season, the Angelinos thus let slip Frank Vogel, in office for three years and great craftsman of the title won in 2020. Instead, it was an inexperienced coach that they appealed to, in the person by Darvin Ham. And although this decision appears to be audacious in the eyes of many observers, it would only be logical and reasoned for a famous analyst.

The Lakers inspired by…the Celtics?!

Instead of calling on an experienced technician to drive the prestigious Purple & Gold roster, LA therefore preferred to offer a chance to a novice as head coach. A decision that is reminiscent of that made a year ago by… the Celtics, now finalists. In his Hoop Collective PodcastBrian Windhorst has also said that this similarity was not a coincidence!

Ham’s resume, both as a player and an assistant, is comparable to that of Ty Lue and Ime Udoka. Lue and Udoka are slightly different in terms of personalities, but their backgrounds are really similar. Darvin’s resume comes pretty close to that. Suddenly, the Lakers are trying to reap the same success as Ty and Ime, even if it’s with a slightly different guy. They only copy their enemies.

After having gravitated for a long time around the same group of veteran coaches, the league is now turning more to young profiles to occupy the positions of head coaches. This can be understood in view of the success met by Monty Williams in Phoenix, but especially by Tyronn Lue in Cleveland and Ime Udoka in Boston. Both have led their team to the Finals in their first year on the bench, even to the title.

The comparison doesn’t end there, as both men, along with Monty Williams and Darvin Ham, have enjoyed comparable playing careers. Simple role players with derisory averages, they have long had to fight to simply acquire playing time in their teams. It would therefore seem that this cocktail is working wonders, and that the Lakers are in turn trying to take advantage of it!

Witnessing the recent success of Tyronn Lue and Ime Udoka, the Lakers hope to live such a fairy tale with Darvin Ham. LeBron James, he knows in any case how to succeed with a beginner coach at his side!

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