La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a vu son pitch réservé cet été à LeBron James et à sa franchise dévoilé

“The Lakers offered them this trade, they laughed outright in their face”



Unsurprisingly, the Lakers have been trying to find a way to improve their roster for the past few weeks. Not so easy to do, especially when the front office has nothing, or almost nothing. Russell Westbrook is not a dream name, as evidenced by this humiliation suffered against another team from the East. A not easy offseason for the Angelinos.

Following a largely failed campaign, the Lakers do not really have a choice for this summer: a redesign of the workforce seems preferable, in order to better surround LeBron James. Very quickly, the supporters demanded the departure of Russell Westbrook, clearly no longer at his best level. Nevertheless, Darvin Ham is counting on him for now, and even ask him for a big change. The leader having accepted, one can think that he wants to take up this challenge.

However, Westbrook could play in another team next season, everything will depend on the upcoming negotiations. An Eastern franchise has shown genuine interest in the Lakers star, but an agreement is not yet concluded. Discussions will continue between now and the start of the school year, with a possible surprise on arrival. What seems acquired on the other hand? The Pacers are not affected.

Russell Westbrook at the Pacers? Missed…

In Indiana, action is expected in the coming weeks. Malcolm Brogdon, like Myles Turner, are two players who are likely to pack their bags. Jonathan Givony, in Zach Lowe’s recent podcast, has just mentioned the case of the Pacers, who refused an offer from the Lakers. The content was not that horrible, but you have to believe that the Angelinos do not dream with their players.

The Lakers are pretty active right now, that’s for sure. We hear a few rumors, like the fact that they contacted the Pacers recently to ask: “what do you think of Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker and our first round of 2026? They had a laugh in response and a, “No thanks, we’ve got a lot better on the table than that.” »

It seems quite cruel for the Poupre et Or, but it is the proof that this roster does not really make people dream for the years to come. Westbrook is seen more as a “cannonball”, with a contract at 47 million dollars next season. THT meanwhile, largely disappointed last season, so he is no longer seen as a youngster with great potential.

If the Pacers answered like this, we imagine that this is not the only team. The complications are real in the market, although some movement can be expected on draft night. Moreover, we even have 5 trade ideas to do, to try to energize this workforce a little in Los Angeles. For the front office, it is clear that it may be necessary to take some risks.

An upcoming deal between the Pacers and the Lakers? It’s not for tomorrow according to ESPN. Indiana is not interested in opposing proposals, which is quite worrying for the Angelinos. Rob Pelinka is going to have to dig in, but he could have one hell of a fiasco in the trading market.

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