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“The Lakers didn’t pay LeBron James enough”



By extending to the Lakers, LeBron James also made sure to receive a very nice amount in the years to come. However, a famous journalist thinks that the Lakers should have offered him more… Ironic, given that their finances are blocked.

Since the start of his career, LeBron James has amassed more than a billion dollars in earnings, whether through its contracts with NBA franchises or through its commercial partnerships. He continues to touch an insane sum thanks to his activity on social networks. Money is therefore clearly not a problem for him, but that does not prevent him from accepting with pleasure when he is offered a golden deal. This is precisely what happened recently, when he returned to the side of the Lakers.

Indeed, the King was eligible for a two-year extension for no less than $97 million, or nearly 49 million greenbacks per fiscal year. Enough to make him one of the highest paid players in the NBA… and yet, some people think that’s not enough. Stephen A. Smith, for example, is of this opinion, and moreover defended his point of view recently on the set ofESPN. According to the famous analyst, the impact that LBJ has on and off the pitch is such that he should receive a lot more money:

LeBron not paid enough according to Stephen A. Smith

I criticize LeBron James but I tell you right now, this man is in the top 3 players in the history of basketball, first. Second, he is grossly underpaid. Based on an average annual salary throughout his career, several players are paid more than him. LeBron James extended to Los Angeles for $97 million over the next two years, from a Lakers perspective, that’s a bargain.

He’s been a hit with the fans, the media and on the court, he just finished averaging over 30 per game, he’s still a sensational basketball player. The bottom line is this: In two years, when the Lakers have some flexibility, they will be able to do certain things. When you look at what he brings to the pitch and the impact he has, he’s underpaid. He deserves more money.

Not sure that many people agree with the journalist, an eminent detractor of the Chosen One who notably shot the latter for his choice to re-sign in the City of Angels. It’s even less likely that financially speaking, LA couldn’t do much better anyway. With the contracts of L-Train, but also those of Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, the options of the Purples and Golds are limited. The departure of Brodie in a year could however make things easier, especially in the quest for the title.

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Lakers should have offered a lot more money to LeBron James and would therefore have done very well. On the other hand, not sure that makes a big difference for the quadruple champion, given the fortune he has amassed in nearly 20 years on the court…

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