La star NBA Derrick Rose utilise peut-être la ruse mise en place par ses prédécesseurs aux New York Knicks pour tromper sa femme

The Knicks’ scheme to discreetly cheat on their wives



Because of the notoriety offered by the NBA to its players, the latter must face many temptations, including that of infidelity. The Knicks have also set up a scheme to avoid getting caught red-handed, which has just been revealed!

Malik Beasley, Dillon Brooks, or even LeBron James and Stephen Curry : Many NBA stars have been dealing with rumors of cheating in recent months. A phenomenon which is nothing new, and which can cause a big stir in the sentimental life of the players involved. Sometimes, these rumors even turn out to be true, and push the culprits to be even more vigilant later. Even if it means imagining some crazy tricks.

The Knicks’ technique to cover up their infidelity

Former holder of the Knicks, Eddy Curry himself discovered to his greatest surprise the trick of his partners to keep their adulteries secret. Last guest of Hoopshype Pocastthe ex-pivot shamelessly revealed the underside of this subterfuge, involving a great complicity between teammates… and the very distinct use of two New York restaurants:

New York was crazy. The stories of my time in Chicago are funny, but they’re pretty innocent. Stories in New York? They could break up marriages. To tell you, the guys used to go to the two Philippe Chow stores. Me, I said to myself that it was the same kitchen, and that depending on where they were in the city, they went to one or the other.

One evening, one of my teammates was at Philippe, and I was there with my wife. He said, “That’s fine for tonight, but from now on, you bring your mistress here and your wife to the other restaurant.” It’s ok this time, but now if you come back here with your wife, you tell the guys to let them know. »

Why such vigilance? Curry was quick to find out.

He was like, “If you come back here with your wife, let the others know, so they don’t come back with their girlfriends.” It was completely crazy for me. It’s really some kind of code or method to deceive their wives.

By showing up with his wife in the wrong establishment of Philippe Chow, Curry therefore almost ruined the well-honed technique of his teammates, who are also married.

Indeed, the latter arranged to meet their mistresses there, and feared being discovered in this situation by someone outside this locker room pact. No one knows if this unhealthy tradition still applies to current members of the NY roster. If so, Tom Thibodeau’s men would do better to review their strategy following this revelation!

Followers of deception, the Knicks of the 2000s had developed a complex tactic to avoid being caught red-handed. Like what, the systems of the genre are not limited simply to the floors in the NBA!

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