Ça bouge pour Donovan Mitchell, une franchise négocie avec le Jazz !

The Jazz’s lunar request for Donovan Mitchell that made the Knicks rage!



It is no longer a secret, the Jazz and the Knicks have resumed negotiations to try to find an agreement for the trade involving Donovan Mitchell. But like the soap opera Kevin Durant, we can say that it is far from won, especially given the consideration claimed by Danny Ainge. It is unlikely that this file will be completed before the recovery.

Will Kevin Durant leave the Nets in the coming weeks? This is the big question asked by fans, even if the file Donovan Mitchell could also surprise people. Danny Ainge knows that Utah better start a reconstruction, which means finding a way out at Spida, but it is not won. Despite strong interest from the Knicks, the two sides cannot reach an agreement.

Two other interested teams could take advantage of this to get ahead of them, but again, that’s unlikely. Indeed, Ainge asks for a crazy counterpart to sell his star, which is explained by the trade of Rudy Gobert. The latter has completely disrupted the market, the Wolves dropping four first draft rounds, in addition to a prospect from the last vintage, to attract the Frenchman, not to mention the other players.

Donovan Mitchell’s trade literally impossible?

Since ? This complicates all discussions. The Nets are asking for more to let go of KD, while the Jazz, who see Mitchell as a more valuable element, are asking for more of the Knicks to give up the star before the restart. As Marc Berman of the NY Post reports, New York was downright furious during the last negotiations, in front of the hallucinatory request of Ainge.

The New York Knicks are “confused” by Danny Ainge’s requests for a trade. Ainge requested a package containing seven first-round draft picks and players.

If the Knicks are smart, they will never let go of so many assets. Mitchell may be a star, but it’s hard to imagine that he can justify such an award, not to mention Kevin Durant in the process. The fact is, Gobert’s trade has disrupted the market, forcing teams to stall.

It’s more the fault of Gobert’s trade. Wolves overpaid for him and now the trade market has crashed.

Is Donovan Mitchell worth 7 first round picks, plus young players? No way. Danny Ainge will probably not be able to fool another team, but he would prefer to keep Donovan Mitchell rather than give in. This soap opera may already be over.

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