Jouer avec KAT ? La première réaction de Rudy Gobert !

The incredible common passion that brings Rudy Gobert and KAT together!



Rudy Gobert will quickly have to integrate into the Timberwolves locker room if the franchise wants to create a surprise this season. That’s good, it would be already quite close to Karl-Anthony Towns, since the two interiors share a common passion.

Rudy Gobert is about to experience a new interesting challenge on the side of the Timberwolves, a young, ambitious team, and in which he will have a hand-sewn role. Indeed in Utah, all the fans were waiting for him as a viable second option offensively, but he never really had the freedom to express himself in this area. We remember in particular the controversy with Donovan Mitchell and the few passes to his pivot.

In Minnesota the pillar of the France team will not necessarily have to worry about the attack of his team, since Anthony Edwards should establish himself as one of the best players in the league, Karl-Anthony Towns is perhaps the best inside shooter of all time, when D’Angelo Russell can catch fire at any moment. Rudy will have to convert his chances, be efficient on pick and roll, but his production will not be decisive.

Rudy Gobert and KAT passionate about manga!

What he will have to do at a very high level, however, is defend and help his teammates to progress. On this side of the field everything is a question of desire, of determination, and if everyone wants to make the effort for their teammate, the mayonnaise should take hold quickly. Aware that this will be an important element, Rudy Gobert seeks to integrate as quickly as possible into the locker room, and that’s good, he would have found a common passion with KAT. The journalist ofESPN Ros Gold-Onwude said during Wolves-Lakers:

Rudy Gobert told me that the atmosphere was incredible in his new team. He finally feels recognized for his true worth and it’s something that everyone likes to feel. He feels like everyone in the team and in the organization wants him to be happy, to have fun on the pitch and to become the best version of himself. The question now is how will he get along with KAT?

He told me that he would never have thought of playing with such a pivot, but when the rumors started to emerge, he immediately explained to his agent that it would be the most exciting challenge of his career. And even though they haven’t been able to play together yet, they have started to form a beautiful relationship thanks to their love of anime and manga.

Rudy Gobert obviously feels very well in Minneapolis, not only thanks to the attention given to him by his leaders, but also thanks to the friendship he is creating with Karl-Anthony Towns. They speak can speak manga quietly and get to know each other, which will necessarily be beneficial in the field. It must change the tense relations with Donovan Mitchell…

Rudy Gobert will be eagerly awaited given the price of his transfer, but he does not necessarily feel the pressure in his new franchise. For the moment he only sees benevolence towards him and he meet beautiful people, including KAT.

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