Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis et Russell Westbrook, font l'objet d'une rumeur qui déprime les fans de la franchise en vue de la saison prochaine

The incomprehensible refusal of the Lakers on the market to recruit heavy!



Shortly after the arrival of Dennis Schroder, the Lakers still had the opportunity to strengthen their workforce with another player, to almost 20 points on average. A reinforcement that could have done a lot of good, but the front office preferred to give up making the necessary efforts to validate this deal, which does not pass with the supporters. Be careful not to regret it in the City of Angels.

To make up for the slump of last season, the Lakers had work for the summer, with a Rob Pelinka in sight. It must be said that the GM did not do a great job in the summer of 2021, betting on many veterans and on Russell Westbrook, for an absolutely execrable result. Players are already warned in the City of Angels, there is no question of reliving such a fiasco, not after the upheavals of the summer.

The Lakers destroyed after their refusal on the market!

By going to recover Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder, the Angelinos showed a certain aggressiveness in the market, even if Pelinka and his staff could have gone even further. According to journalist Dan Woike, an agreement was possible with the Jazz to sign Bojan Bodganovic, not far from the 20 points average last season. Nevertheless, the leaders refused, for a detail that seems far-fetched.

One of the options for a trade with the Jazz evaporated last week when Bojan Bogdanovic was traded to Detroit. The Lakers, according to people familiar with the situation, were willing to include a first-round draft pick in the deal for the shooter, but they didn’t want to pick up any long-term contracts – a sign they want to keep flexibility next year.

For the Jazz, this is not really a surprise for a team in reconstruction, which therefore naturally seeks to make room in its roster. But for the Lakers? The amazement is present for many supporters, who believe that the franchise should have jumped at the chance to sign Bogdanovic, a perfect shooter in the modern NBA.

No one knows basketball in this front office. The only possible explanation, either they don’t have any plans for next year or they’ll just lie like they did this year.

Refuse Bojan Bogdanovic for fear of getting a big contract? The Lakers took a huge risk, especially for a franchise that almost finds itself with the obligation to win something this year. LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who have no time to waste, may not appreciate such a mentality.

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