NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

The huge conspiracy theory that emerges on Kevin Durant!



Kevin Durant is about to leave for Brooklyn, at least that’s what the latest information suggests. Unless it’s just nonsense? In any case, this is what an ESPN analyst, who knows the double champion very well, claims.

The least we can say is that Kevin Durant shocked the whole world by requesting his transfer from the Nets a few days ago. It’s nothing less than one of the very best players on the planet to hit the market, an almost one-of-a-kind opportunity for competition. If the New York franchise takes its time to find a counterpart that would satisfy it, it could well end up giving in, especially in the case of an XXL trade with 9 players.

However, while almost everyone assumes that he will no longer be a member of the Black and Whites next season, some are still skeptical, sometimes for surprising reasons. This is particularly the case of Kendrick Perkins, who gave his opinion without filter on the set ofESPN. The former pivot knows the Slim Reaper well, having rubbed shoulders with him at the Thunder. However, he thinks that the latter would not have planned to leave his squad! It would actually be about helping a teammate:

KD’s transfer request, a smokescreen?

Why would KD want to leave? Why Kyrie Irving would he go to see if a team would agree to set up a sign-and-trade for him, and all of a sudden, he would choose to respect his contract? And then, all of a sudden, when Irving accepts his contract, Kevin Durant comes out in public and says, “I want to be traded.” I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t believe Kevin Durant.

I don’t think he really wants to leave at all. It makes no sense to me that he wants to be traded at this point. I don’t think he believes it himself. I think Kevin Durant is doing this to scare Nets executives, and to help Kyrie Irving get a long-term signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

The 2008 champion has just thrown a hell of a stone into the pond for once, saying that all these rumors around the former Warrior would be nothing more than a smokescreen. It is true that KD wants his teammate and friend to stay there for a long time, because it was the latter who convinced him to join Brooklyn. Unhappy with the way Uncle Drew has been treated this season because of his absences, he would therefore like to make up for it for him. However, it is impossible to know if this is true…

According to Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant does not want to leave the Nets, simply force their hand in the Kyrie Irving file. It would be quite scandalous as a tactic, which would squarely resemble a hostage-taking of Blacks and Whites. However, do not count on him to confirm.

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