Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, avec la mine des mauvais jours

The huge All-Star targeted by the Lakers!



Always looking to improve their roster, the Lakers decided to hit hard and go in search of a new All-Star to surround LeBron James. Be careful though: the file promises to be particularly complicated…

After a pathetic 2021-2022 season that saw them finish with a poor record of 33 wins and 49 losses, the Lakers know they have no wiggle room for the campaign ahead. The Angelinos have to bounce back, one way or another, and another fiasco will not be tolerated by California fans. However, a few weeks before the start of the training camp, the composition of the roster inevitably makes purple and gold aficionados fear the worst.

If the signatures of Thomas Bryant, Lonnie Walker or even Troy Brown are interesting on paper, they are not enough to make the Lakers a credible contender. Above all, the front office failed to get rid of Russell Westbrookwhose colossal 47 million dollars in the 2022-2023 season alone greatly handicaps the possibilities of purple & gold.

Lakers in pursuit of one of the league’s most coveted stars

Despite these difficulties, and aware of the need to improve his team, GM Rob Pelinka would have set off in pursuit of Donovan Mitchell, announced from the Jazz:

The Lakers are interested in Donovan Mitchell, according to John Gambadoro.

Two things about Donovan Mitchell. The Hawks, Heat and Kings are NOT interested, contrary to what may have been written. The Knicks still have the best package to offer, but other interested teams include Cleveland, Washington, Charlotte, the Lakers and Brooklyn. And no, the Jazz never asked for 7 first draft rounds!

The Lakers think big and start dreaming of Donovan Mitchell, from whom the Jazz could part ways a few weeks after Rudy Gobert’s trade with a view to reconstruction. A problem arises, however: what assets could the Angelinos let go in order to convince Danny Ainge, GM of Utah, to let go of his colt? Westbrook is obviously a big favorite, and would probably be cut by the Jazz if Mitchell is transferred and the reconstruction is recorded.

Above all, in this hypothesis of a restart from zero, Utah would like to garner Draft picks in order to rebuild. However, the Lakers are almost devoid of it, they who gave everything or almost to the Pelicans to force the arrival ofAnthony Davis in the city of angels in 2019. You will have understood it: if the Lakers’ interest in Mitchell is real, making Spida a purple and gold seems very complicated, if not almost impossible…

Aware of the deficiencies in their roster, the Lakers are accelerating and setting their sights on Donovan Mitchell. However, at the risk of hurting Angelinos fans, the Californian franchise is clearly not the best placed at this stage, and it would take a small miracle for this track to materialize!

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