La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait-elle lâché un tweet cryptique concernant un potentiel scandale qui couve ?

The huge $2.8 billion flop of a legend!



Sniffing out good moves isn’t always easy for players in the league, and one big name from the ’70s learned that the hard way during his career. He has indeed missed out on an immense fortune, reaching almost three billion dollars! There is reason to be disgusted.

The name of Spencer Haywood will probably mean nothing to recent generations, the guy having raged on the floors between 1969 and 1983. And yet, the strong winger was one of the best in the NBA at his position during his career. , to the point of being elected to the Hall of Fame. More than 17,000 and 8,000 career rebounds, capable of chaining games to more than 30 points and 10 shots without the slightest worry, the former Seattle player was a sacred customer in the racket.

In addition to that, his rather exemplary behavior earned him to be appreciated by the sponsors, who saw in him a perfect headliner. Nike notably approached him in the early 70s, offering him a deal that would prove to be extremely successful in the long term. Except that several options were presented to him, and on the advice of some of his relatives, Woody decided to choose the wrong one… thus going from a mountain of gold to a much more modest sum. A user relayed the story in question on Twitter:

Missed opportunity for Spencer Haywood with Nike

Spencer Haywood should have been the first billionaire athlete. But a small mistake in 1973 cost him more than $2.8 billion. Thanks to its popularity, many brands wanted to work with Haywood. One of them was Blue Ribbon Sports. Interesting fact… A few years later they changed their name to Nike.

Nike founder Phil Knight sat down with Haywood and offered him two options: 1) promote Nike shoes for $100,000, 2) earn a 10% stake in the company. Haywood was intrigued… Most people told him to take the money, but a few told him to take the stocks. So what did Haywood ultimately decide? He took the 10% stock. But things got crazy after that…

Haywood’s agent wanted to earn his 10% commission on the case. And what did he do? The agent sold all of Haywood’s Nike shares. The agent left with $10,000, Haywood won $90,000. Nike has become the richest clothing company in the world. If Haywood’s agent hadn’t sold the 10% stock… They would be worth more than $2.8 billion today.

The story is truly delusional, and one can only feel a little pity for the former big man. He could have touched an absolutely monumental jackpot and become a pioneer in the NBA, but it was ultimately nothing. However, Haywood has never been more disappointed than that. A few years ago, he had delivered the following statement on the subject:

Being bitter will only eat you up inside. You have to know how to let go and move on.

Bad luck for Spencer Haywood, who obviously could not have known at the time that Blue Ribbon Sports was going to become a heavyweight in the sports market, under the name of Nike. He may be at peace with all that, we’re sure he wouldn’t have said no to such a sum…

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