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The Francophone Network of Entrepreneurship in Poland (RFE) starts the season



The Francophone Network of Entrepreneurship in Poland (RFE) made its comeback during the open day organized by the French Embassy in Poland on September 24th. RFE is an association that was created in January 2020 in response to a desire to share and bring together French-speaking entrepreneurs established in Poland. Perhaps you have already heard of their famous “Aperipreneurs“, friendly meetings organized across Poland. On the occasion of the re-election of the office, RFE takes stock of the network’s missions, the composition of its teams and their projects for the coming months. before coming back to the composition of the office, could you remind us what RFE Poland is?

The Francophone Network of Entrepreneurship is an association which was created in January 2020 and whose main ambition is to promote entrepreneurship. RFE is primarily aimed at project leaders, auto-entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent consultants and business leaders who speak the French language.

The association aims to be a place of exchange and mutual aid for French-speaking entrepreneurs.

Our first actions, dubbed the “Aperipreneurs“(meetings of entrepreneurs), enabled us to form a faithful group. The objective of these meetings has always been to allow everyone to introduce themselves and exchange freely, with ease.

In addition, RFE builds over time a support offer for our members according to their needs. Becoming an entrepreneur often means initially having to do without the expertise specific to large structures. We aim to help our members in the areas of law, finance, human resources, marketing and communication.

Apero REF Christmas
A “aperipreneur” organized by RFE

COVID has had a big impact on Network meetings over the past two years, what are your goals for this 2022-2023 season?

Despite a health situation which slowed down the initial dynamic of the association, RFE was able to develop at the national level in Poland in 2020/21. Opportunities to physically meet were more limited; nevertheless, getting together and continuing to support each other was all the more essential for our members during this particular time. It is in need that one recognizes one’s friends.

For this 2022/23 season, we want to always bring more value to our members and be as close as possible to them. For this, it seems essential to us to reorganize the meetings across Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź, Poznań, Gdańsk, etc.).

Finally, we believe it is necessary to extend the offer of support for our members; from partnership development to expert advice, from newsletter to coaching, the possibilities are endless.

This system will be adapted according to the wishes that our members or future members will send us.

A new office of the association was elected a few weeks ago, who composes it now?

New offices and supervisory boards were elected following a general meeting held in September.

In addition to our members Jora Itoua and Eugenio Pastorica who were already there, the Supervisory Board welcomes two new members: Cyrielle Czyżewska, founder of the communication agency ID Drop, and Bruno Duthoit, former CEO of Orange Polska , as Chairman of the Board.

On the office side, Maître Alicja Tarkowska becomes secretary of the association and Béatrice Favais, manager of Hermes Logistics, joins us as treasurer. Gautier Cobat, independent IT consultant, takes the place of vice-president, and Laurent Blondeau the role of president.

What are the values ​​that drive RFE and what does this mean concretely for French-speaking entrepreneurs in Poland?

Mutual aid, solidarity, conviviality and listening are central values ​​for the association and for its members. We constitute a network of mutual aid, exchange of expertise and experience. Our strength is based on human relationships built on benevolence and trust.

Our current desire is to set up specialty centers within the network. We want to enable entrepreneurs to help each other, start their business and grow their business.

What are your links with other organizations representing French and French-speaking people in Poland? Do you already have joint projects in mind?

There is a certain proximity (common values) – even complementarity – with Warsaw Accueil. RFE had the opportunity to take part in the back-to-school forum in Warsaw Welcome to the Franco-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We are also in contact with the French Embassy in Warsaw, which was kind enough to receive the association and some members free of charge for France Day.

RFE has also initiated contacts with the France-Poland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFP), UFE POLAND, with you: le…

RFE’s desire for this season is to strengthen its partnerships with various institutions, particularly French-speaking ones. We discuss in order to look at what could bring value for all.

France Day members
Members during France Day, September 24, 2022, at the French Embassy – Photos

Nicolas BAZZARA – Label des sens, Alain HENRY and his family – Petit Breton / Smak Francji, François MARTINEAU – Francois Muzyk, Karolina KASZA and Boris Le GALL – Le Szapo

The heart of the association is in Warsaw, but RFE is aimed at all French-speaking entrepreneurs in Poland, how does this translate into practice?

The heart of RFE are its members. They are therefore the ones who will guide RFE’s developments. The association was founded between Warsaw and Łódź; last season allowed an extension throughout Poland. For this year, we are trying to structure and strengthen this dynamic.

The office reflects this trend: 50% of its members do not live in Warsaw.

This year we are setting up RFE ambassadors in the cities where we are already present. Relays working in coordination with the office, the ambassadors will be the local representation of RFE. They will be responsible for local life and events. They will listen to members to help them and raise their needs.

What are the next big dates for RFE? When is the next networking event scheduled?

We are working on a new membership structure, in order to better serve all those we think we can help: project leader, self-entrepreneur, young entrepreneur or confirmed business manager. We hope to complete this project within a week.

The next “Apéropreneurs” evening will take place in October in Warsaw. We are working with the ambassadors to publish the program of the main RFE events for the 2022/23 season in the coming weeks.

This information will be disseminated on the RFE website, the RFE private Facebook group and on the RFE LinkedIn account.

Ambassadors, local coordinators of RFE across Poland

Subcarpathian and Lublin Vovoidies :Jordan Simon

Greater Poland Vovoidship : Magdalena Sokolowska-Leger Jonathan Leger, Pierre Henry

Lodz Vovoidship : Alicja Tarkowska

Lesser Poland Vovoidship : Francois Martineau

Pomeranian Vovoidship : Béatrice Faireis

The aim of the ambassadors will be to help organize our parties outside of Warsaw and to bring your requests to the local level.

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