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The favorite in the race for Kevin Durant revealed!



The rumors around Kevin Durant go in all directions, and it is very difficult to see clearly in this affair. According to The Athletic, however, one franchise in particular would have pole position when it comes to the Brooklyn star. The recently submitted offer would indeed have established a benchmark for the rest of the competition.

Will leave, will not leave? Clearly, we are sure of nothing about Kevin Durant. Six weeks after his transfer request, the winger is still a member of the Nets. Its leaders thus refuse en bloc all offers from the rest of the league, and most of the suitors have already withdrawn from the file. Miami and Phoenix are for example out of the race, not insignificant since they were the destinations favored by the Slim Reaper. However, he will therefore have to make a cross on it…

But in the end, who is really still considered in the running for the 2014 MVP in an XXL trade? We think in particular of the Warriors, whose stars like Jordan Poole or Andrew Wiggins could pack their bags for financial reasons. However, it is another competitor who holds the rope according to The Athletic. Journalist Sam Amick revealed that it was the Celtics who had the best chance of winning the bet:

Boston favorite for Kevin Durant

Of the executives I spoke with, a Boston deal with Jaylen Brown as the centerpiece seems to be the unofficial favorite here. In general terms, the sources say the Nets are using the fact that the Celtics (and possibly other teams) have made their second-best player available as some sort of baseline in negotiations.

Translation: If you’re still trying to discuss a deal with Durant without putting your second-best talent on the table, then stop wasting everyone’s time and get out of this race.

Indeed, franchises now know what to expect. Just as Rudy Gobert had established a standard with his trade to Minnesota, the counterpart for the French still causing controversy, the C’s set a standard value with their first offer.

On paper, seeing Jaylen Brown land in Brooklyn would indeed be very intriguing. The guy is one of the best two-way players in the NBA, coming out of a campaign with 23.6 points, 6.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists on average. All while being only the second option in Massachusetts, behind the unbeatable Jayson Tatum. It is therefore not of the same caliber as KD, but the association that it would potentially form with Kyrie Irving and / or Ben Simmons could make sparks.

Add to that Marcus Smart, whom BKN absolutely wants to acquire if the No. 7 ever really sets sail, as well as draft picks and everything would theoretically be settled. The problem is that there is no guarantee that GM Sean Marks will then be willing to give in. After all, the franchise does not really want to part with its franchise player, being convinced that it can still go to the end with him. This story is therefore far from over.

According to The Athletic, it would therefore be the Celtics who would be favorites on the Kevin Durant file. Can we therefore assume that a deal with the Nets will take place? Nothing is less certain, the New York franchise refusing en bloc for weeks.

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