Terrible nouvelle pour les Nets en vue de la fin de saison !

The disgraceful behavior of Ben Simmons that created chaos at the Nets!



Ben Simmons could have been the savior of the season catastrophic of the Nets, but he ultimately never put on his new jersey after his trade. Besides, he would have behaved scandalously with his teammates during the playoffs. Kevin Durant would not have liked it at all…

The Nets’ offseason couldn’t have been stranger than it is now… Indeed, after the terrible humiliation against the Celtics in the playoffs, no one could really expect chaos to descend badly on the franchise. Only three years after their arrival with great fanfare, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving asked to leave due to tensions with executives.

Several weeks after this earthquake that shook the whole league, things finally seem to be calming down, with Kyrie finally determined to stay and do great things in his heart team, and a KD who could also change his mind. opinion in the face of the lack of interest in it on the market. Contrary to what he thought, no leader is ready to mortgage the future of his group for the n°7.

Ben Simmons ghosted his teammates during the playoffs!

So next year, the two All-Stars could well find themselves in the Big Apple, with a particularly competitive team thanks to the expected contribution of Ben Simmons. But for the mayonnaise to take, the Australian may have to apologize and show a better attitude than last season. According to journalist Ric Bucher, passing through the channel FS1Simmons would have had an outrageous behavior with his teammates in the playoffs.

Ahead of Game 4 against the Celtics, the Nets had a big chat about the players-only group chat. The executives asked Ben Simmons clearly if he was going to play, and from what I’m told in the league, Simmons has left the group. He didn’t even answer, he just left the conversation. There, KD started to say to himself: “That’s why I extended, is that my teammate? “.

Faced with his responsibilities by his teammates, Ben Simmons would have preferred to flee than to answer honestly that he could not / did not wish to play the last game of the season for the Nets. A scandalous attitude which, if verified, would explain a good part of the tensions in Brooklyn. How to trust a teammate who is not honest?

The attitudes at the start of the school year will say a lot about the state of the relationship between Kevin Durant and the Australian point guard. Because contrary to what some media have led us to think in recent days by publishing a video of the two Nets in a nightclub in Los Angeles, video which actually dated from 2019, the teammates did not necessarily see each other this summer. One thing is certain, the controversies will still be numerous in Brooklyn…

If this story turns out to be true, the image of Ben Simmons could still take a hit. Indeed, not answering your teammates in a situation as tense as a series of playoffs is not the best way to integrate into the locker room.

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