NBA LeBron dépasse Kobe dans l'histoire

“The difference between LeBron and Kobe, that’s it”



Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two extremely serious offensive clients. However, their way of dominating differs greatly, as a former champion recently explained. The opportunity to discover in detail what made them legends.

When we combine the stats of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, The numbers give the spin. Between them, they combine more than 65,000 career points, a simply staggering total. Being assigned to them when you were a defender is the guarantee of living a nightmare throughout the game… Except in the case of a few very specific players, who were able to pull out of the game on a regular basis. Ask Tayshaun Prince, for example.

Indeed, the latter was part of the famous Pistons squad in the mid-2000s, his defensive qualities pushing him to take care of the Mamba during the Finals won against the Lakers in 2004 as well as the King during his young years in Cleveland. , leaving him regularly in the playoffs. So he’s kind of an expert on the matter, and recently shared some keys on how to play against them in order to keep some advantage:

Tayshaun Prince explains how to defend on Kobe and LeBron

With Kobe, you had to make sure you didn’t let him get to his favorite spot… He’s going to be physical with you and try to wear you down, so once the fourth quarter comes around, he gets to those spots and everything. is just cake for him. With LeBron you had to fight 150 pick-and-rolls the whole game….. So those were two different things you had to worry about.

Each in their own style, the two superstars have no equal in imposing their rhythm on the opponent, something the former Piston explained very well here. Whether it’s one or the other, being on a mission on them is anything but a cakewalk as they can tire you. Interestingly enough, Prince managed to do this exhibition without necessarily comparing their level of play, not trying to explain which of them is the best. This approach has greatly pleased some fans, tired of this kind of debate.

I love this video because it praises and analyzes the styles of both players and how you go about defending against them, without putting one down over the other.

Tayshaun Prince played against Kobe Bryant as LeBron James for a long time and therefore knows exactly what he is talking about. It is therefore difficult to contradict his very sharp analysis of how to defend the two great figures of the Lakers!

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