La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, n'a pas apprécié le gros manqué coupable de Russell Westbrook en prolongation face aux Houston Rockets

The decision of the GM of the Lakers which shocks across the league!



We are already in mid-August, and the Lakers have failed to complete a trade. A risky choice on the part of Rob Pelinka, who prefers to temporize, in the hope that certain teams lower their price. However, we cannot say that this news impresses among his counterparts, since his decision questions. Once again, the Russell Westbrook case divides.

With 5 signatures during the first days, the Lakers have shown their intention to upset their workforce. The front office has been able to recover players capable of defending, which was very lacking last season, but the work is still far from finished. To tell the truth, and before the restart, the supporters are still hoping that Russell Westbrook will be the next to pack. For now, its future remains undecided, the fault of the counterparty.

Lakers tactics disavowed by opponents

The Nets have long been mooted to pick up Russ’ contract, but their interest remains low according to some insiders. To imagine a Westbrook trade, Rob Pelinka must agree to link two first draft rounds (2027 and 2029) to such an exchange, which the leader refuses. Should we really threaten the future of the Lakers in the long term, all that to offload the 47 million Brodie? The question deserves to be asked, except with the competition.

In his latest article, Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times points out that not everyone agrees:

Giving up multiple draft rounds for Westbrook is a road the Lakers aren’t taking seriously yet. Pelinka surprised a lot of people by adopting this tactic, and refusing to let go of Russ with a few draft rounds.

However, we are talking about the long term with the Angelinos, while this roster will be competitive for the next 2/3 years. Next ? It’s the blur. LeBron James may not be there anymore, it’s hard to believe that Westbrook will stay in the summer of 2023 with his free agent status, while the rest of the roster is not famous. We can understand Pelinka, who does not want to give up the first two rounds, without guarantee of winning anything, even in the event of a trade.

Unless you get a big player in exchange, like Kyrie, you have to hold on, at least to see how LeBron, AD and Russ are doing for 25/30 games.

People react like the Lakers have a future 💀 They need those picks

The Lakers want to let Russell Westbrook go, at least if the counterpart is interesting. Otherwise, the leader will continue his adventure in the City of Angels, even if it means losing often. It’s not worth ruining the future of the team for nothing.

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