The day Vernon Maxwell wanted to “plant” Hakeem Olajuwon

The day Vernon Maxwell wanted to “plant” Hakeem Olajuwon



“I don’t remember trying to stab anyone, but if I did it was out of love”, he tweeted in Januaryafter being questioned on the subject. Vernon Maxwell has a talent for putting things into perspective. There is also no shortage of anecdotes to feed his legend, which earned him this iconic nickname, “Mad Max”.

This stabbing case concerns his former teammate in Houston, Hakeem Olajuwonwhom he began teaming up with in February 1990.” A humble, quiet guy, who didn’t talk much, who wasn’t in the spotlight “Describes the former back, who had started his career in San Antonio a year earlier, guest of the podcast of Gilbert Arenas.

A player with a calm temperament who could also have his moments of irritation if an opponent… or a teammate pushed him to the limit. The scene, reported by Vernon Maxwell with rather flowery language, takes place at halftime during a trip to Seattle. The rear, involved in an altercation with several Sonics players during the meeting, is frustrated to have only four or five points on the clock. He makes his teammates understand this and demands more leather.

His pivot, who walks behind him on the way back to the locker room, asks him to behave in ” professional “. ” Dream, I don’t wanna hear that bullshit “, he retorts then.

The big slap of the “Dream”

The latter, once seated in the locker room, continues to complain. ” There I see two damn Etonic (note: shoes worn by his teammate) between my legs, in front of me. I raise my head, I say ‘Go ahead’ and there… BAM. Damn, that motherfucker gave me a huge slap. He had gigantic hands. He could cut a piece of meat with his fucking hands. He hit me so hard he knocked me to the ground. »

Vernon Maxwell gets up, swings his chair to try to get revenge and explodes glass in the locker room. There isn’t much “love” left… The police arrive. ” They pointed their guns at me at halftime at a pro basketball game! Those motherfuckers told me to put it down. “Because in the meantime, the player has entered a ” large piece of glass “. ” I was going to Dream and stab him harshly. »

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. ” Everyone walked out of the locker room so I couldn’t catch anyone. It was like that in the past (laughs). ” Vernon Maxwell ends on a touch of humor by evoking the conversion to Islam of his teammate: ” After that, he became a Muslim. He was so calm, so humble. He wanted me to become a Muslim, I couldn’t. But he was a great teammate. »

And the violence of this scene did not prevent the two men from making the double in 1994 and 1995, even if Vernon Maxwell will only participate in one game of the playoffs in 1995, leaving the team in frustration following the arrival of Clyde Drexler on the team, which took the majority of his minutes and offensive responsibility from him.

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