La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, privilégierait une franchise en cas de départ futur

The crucial update on the health of Anthony Davis at the Lakers!



The regular season has not yet started and Anthony Davis must already deal with physical concerns. Is there already something to worry about with regard to The Brow, which is customary? Asked about the subject, coach Darvin Ham split a frank answer.

Is it possible for Anthony Davis to go a year without having to deal with injury problems? We believe less and less in Los Angeles, given that he has only played 76 games over the last two campaigns combined. The big man fully honors his reputation as a man of ice, despite himself. He has however worked a lot on the body this summer, lightening up considerably in order to reduce the pressure on his joints.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is still not enough sincewe have already had the right to a first alert, ahead of the preseason opener against Sacramento. Decidedly, The Brow will never be far from the infirmary… Asked before kick-off by the journalists about his player, Darvin Ham wanted to calm the spirits, going a little more in detail on what was bothering the former draft n°1, apparently hit in the back:

Darvin Ham reassuring on Anthony Davis

Regarding Anthony Davis, who was listed on the injury report with lower back pain, Darvin Ham said there was nothing “damaged structurally”, just “a bit of discomfort” for Davis. , that’s why it’s going to start tonight.

In the end, AD was well held against the Kings and even finished in a double-double (11 points and 11 rebounds), but he would have been better off not playing at all given the jerk that the Purples and Golds took in this California derby. In addition, some fans are outright campaigning for him to no longer don a jersey before the regular season, in order to minimize the risks. This shows how little confidence they now have in the health of the former Pelican…

He better not play, he shouldn’t risk the season, just for a meaningless pre-season game

Is it worth getting him to start dating when he’s not at 100%?

Anthony Davis had recently announced that he intended to play all the matches of the 2022-23 campaign, but it is hard to believe it given that he already has to be careful. Let’s hope for the Lakers that he will have played more than the 40 games of last year…

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