L'aménagement spécial des Lakers pour LeBron

The crucial meeting that awaits LeBron James this Thursday



The subject of some departure rumors at the start of the offseason, LeBron James should finally play the 2022-23 season well under the colors of the Lakers. Before that, he will already have to look into an ultra-important file in a few hours!

Will the famous “Year 20” turn out to be as impressive as its predecessor on an individual level? LeBron James in any case has no intention of slowing down as it approaches its 20th season in the league. Still as studious in his preparation, the King intends to push back his decline a little further, and continue to carry the Lakers to expand his record. All this while also having to keep his future in the NBA in the back of his mind.

The XXL decision that awaits LeBron James at the Lakers

Arrived in Los Angeles during the summer of 2018, LeBron will have the opportunity to change air next year as a future free agent. This, if he refuses to extend by then the contract that binds him to the Purple & Gold franchise. A choice that he will very soon have to make, since the discussions between his clan and its leaders around a new lease can be concluded this Thursday!

This Thursday, August 4, LeBron James will officially become eligible to sign a two-year, $97.1 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. He can initial it any day until June 30, 2023.

It has two realistic options:
– Not signing her and becoming a free agent next summer
– Sign it in the form of a guaranteed season and one subject to a player option

So far, the discourse on this hot topic has been quite fluctuating. On the one hand, some insiders claim that LBJ really likes the City of Angels, and would in no way intend to pack up at the end of his current contract. However, some sources of concern remain in this case, depending in particular on the Lakers’ offseason.

For other notable voices within the league, the Chosen One could thus opt for a departure if his superiors do not meet a big criterion in the next weeks. Unless the rest of his career is simply dictated by the arrival of his son, Bronny, on the NBA floors. In this case, the quadruple MVP would have every interest in favoring a re-signature in the format mentioned above, to possibly join him in 2024!

As he approaches his 38th birthday, LeBron James will therefore have to decide between a juicy extension to the Lakers, or greater freedom for his end of career. The soap opera will begin in any case this Thursday, and should keep Angelinos fans in suspense!

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