Gros coup de pression pour les Lakers, Anthony Davis réagit !

The crazy rumor that lands on the future of Anthony Davis at the Lakers!



In poor shape last year, with repeated injuries, Anthony Davis did not really reassure about his state of health and his reputation. The interior disappointed once again, even if the supporters are confident for the future, at least for the most part. After all, and even within the Lakers, some are wondering if a trade might not be a better idea.

A real star since his arrival at the Lakers, Anthony Davis has already tasted the ring, proof that the inside didn’t land in the wrong place after leaving the Pelicans. Since ? It’s more complicated. In addition to his questionable attitude, the player explaining that he had nothing more to prove, the person concerned did not reassure about his injuries. Unibrow has always been seen as an infirmary squatter, and it did just that last year.

Anthony Davis soon traded by the Lakers?

Small problems as a rule, but which are repeated quite often, to the point of penalizing his team. AD failed to maintain good health last year, preventing the Angelinos from reaching a playoff spot. One can wonder about Davis, who could see his future threatened. Let’s imagine for a second that the old Pelican had a terrible year in 2023, wouldn’t it be time to exchange it? According to Sean Deveney, who reports the words of an executive, the question arises.

Anthony Davis’ future depends a lot on what LeBron does. If he stays in Los Angeles, he remains a Laker, we know that he cares a lot about AD. In this specific case, there is no debate, Davis will stay with the Lakers. But it’s not sure. Some people in the organization would be happy to find out more about a trade, just to see what they can get back in exchange. They won’t if LeBron is still around. But by 2024, things may change.

Davis still has a few years left on his contract with the Angelinos, so he won’t be leaving right away. Nevertheless, the question is legitimate, especially after so many galleys. The former Pelican is known to have health problems, which did not allow him to have a good season last year. If such a scenario were to repeat itself, perhaps the front office would not say no to a possible trade, especially if the King leaves the ship to join Bronny.

Since his arrival, AD has always been seen as the next generation. It is he who is supposed to take over from LeBron, to the point that the Lakers’ next season should depend on him, like the last. If he does not answer present, it is normal to ask questions:

The Lakers still have AD for the next two years, that’s for sure, and they hope he stays healthy. But after that, we will have to wonder if this guy is really their future? He does not know how to stay on the floor in good health at the moment. Do they really want such a player without LeBron James by his side? This is also why the Lakers do not want to give up their first draft rounds.

The question is legitimate for the Lakers, who still hope that Anthony Davis is the man for the job. However, it would be wrong to say that it is acquired, not when we see the last seasons. Unibrow is a player full of talent, but who has been stopped too often in the past by his injuries. The next two campaigns will serve as a test.

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