La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, lors de son introduction en marge du All-Star Game 2022

The crazy anecdote about Michael Jordan: “We had tears in our eyes”



An incredible competitor on the pitch, Michael Jordan is best known as an accomplished businessman off the pitch. However, His Airness also has a heart of gold, as a full-back tells us in a fairly unrecognized anecdote. The story is shocking.

When we talk about Michael Jordan, we mainly think of the fierce winner he was when he wore the Bulls outfit. The determination, the trash-talking, the rage to win: all this has been told countless times about the Hall of Famer, making him an almost mythical figure of the orange ball. Conversely, we rarely mention his moments of tenderness towards others, even though they are an equally fundamental part of his identity.

Among the most moving stories of all is an anecdote from Johnny Bach, one of his personal trainers in Chicago. This was then relayed in the biography Michael Jordan: The Life written by Roland Lazenby. The tactician thus said that in 1990, Jojo had in particular allowed himself a totally crazy gesture towards a young boy who had been seriously abused, keeping serious consequences. It was not the only one to which His Airness showed such attention:

Ultra-touching MJ towards sick and brutalized children

“I thought when I first met him that he was doing so many things, it was incredible,” Bach recalled. “He would always visit a person or a child who had a last wish that involved him. He never refused anyone’s request. Every night he faced this situation over and over again, and I could never understand how he was strong enough to do it so many times.

Children who had been burned, brutalized, and dying of disease or something. I still remember that he saw a child brought in, whose father had burned his face. They brought him in, and Michael talked to him in this old locker room we had at Chicago Stadium before the game. He just talked to her. You cannot imagine, a child who was hideously burned. And Michael just talked to her.

He put him on the bench with us, and during the match, he would come and ask him: “Do you like this jumpshot that I just got? “. One of the referees came over and said, “Michael, you can’t have that kid on the bench with you. It’s against league rules. Michael looked him straight in the eye and said, “He’s staying on our bench.” And then during our team’s downtime, he would leave us alone so he could talk to the kid.

I still remember John Paxson and I had tears in our eyes watching that scene, because the kid was so hideously burned. And here was Michael talking to her as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had happened to her. So he really had that greatness in him. He was behind scenes like this. It repeated itself many times. He was a man who worked miracles. »

Impossible to do more class than Michael Jordan on this one, he who was absolutely exemplary with children traumatized much too early. He made them feel like everyone else, the best feeling possible.

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