LeBron James vient chatouiller l'unique Wilt Chamberlain !

The crazy amount that LeBron earns for each post on his social networks!



LeBron James is an almost ubiquitous figure on social media, showing himself to be regularly active and having a huge fanbase. Inevitably, this makes him a privileged business partner for many brands. What bring a hell of a sum to the Chosen One each time he publishes something.

LeBron James is not just one of the best players in history, he also deeply marked the orange ball by taking it to a new dimension in the United States. To be more specific, he has crossed quite a few barriers when it comes to salaries. The potential contract extension that he can sign at the Lakers is proof of this: over the space of two years, he could thus receive nearly 100 million dollars. It is simply huge!

If NBA athletes today can claim much higher salaries, it is also because the winger has shown the way by revolutionizing player empowerment across the league. Thanks to him, players have more leeway in negotiations with franchises. Because with his status as an absolute basketball legend, the quadruple champion has a particularly significant influence and audience, across the entire planet. This can be seen very well via his social networks.

It’s an open secret, the King loves to comment on what he observes via his accounts, whether in sports or other subjects. And when he does that, a lot of people are informed: he has more than 130 million subscribers on Instagram, as well as more than 50 million on Twitter! Unsurprisingly, this makes him a dream candidate for any business partnership, with companies guaranteed high profile media exposure. In return, LBJ is entitled to a tidy sum for each post he publishes, as revealed by theIrish Mirror :

LeBron makes over $400,000 per post

So certainly, his gains on social networks are far from those of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for example, the latter touching an absolutely colossal check in this area, especially through Instagram. Nevertheless, the 428,000 dollars that he collects with each publication remain a particularly generous amount, a kind of icing on the cake for the Chosen One who is the only all-time American sportsman to have reached the billion dollars while still being active.

It therefore seems clear that financially, the James family has nothing to worry about for another few decades, barring a huge disaster. However, it seems unlikely that this will happen, because in addition to being a genius basketball player, Bron is also a shrewd businessman. His brand of tequila lobos is a great success, and it has entries in several major film studios, including Hollywood. Well advised by his colleague Maverick Carter in particular, he is building day after day an immense empire of which he is the absolute master.

With each post he leaves on Twitter or Instagram, LeBron James offers himself a check for nearly half a million dollars. Not sure he really needs it given his career emoluments, but the King certainly isn’t complaining. One thing is for sure, he will continue to roll in gold long after he retires.

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