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the complete marketing guide to prepare for the end of the year celebrations!



The last months of the year are real opportunities to multiply your number of sales and boost your online and in-store traffic. To achieve this, it is imperative to have a powerful strategy in place before, during and after these events.

This must make it possible to acquire new customers and to retain customers who have already been won over.

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To help you put the odds on your side, Criteo, the media commerce specialist, offers you a guide with the essentials for success. It divides the fourth quarter of 2022 into three main phases, with the audiences to target, the ad formats to use and the messages to put forward.


Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

The end of the year is an intense period. To get the most out of it, marketers and merchants should prepare several weeks before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. In its guide, Criteo reveals the audiences to target to encourage sales and grow your business.

Among these are prospecting audiences, that is, customers who are interested in your brand and who clearly intend to buy your products. Retailer audiences, which consists of targeting buyers on retailer sites using first-party data, are not to be neglected either. By obtaining this guide, you will know all the relevant audiences to target before the holiday season.

A question arises, however: what are the advertising formats to adopt to capture the attention of consumers several weeks before Black Friday? Criteo experts recommend opting for multiple ads: video, rich media, contextual ads as well as display retail media ads. These will allow you to communicate effectively about upcoming promotions and generate subscribers to your newsletter. Customers will then be alerted in the event of special offers. For your part, you will be able to use the many first-party data to design relevant and personalized future business strategies.

Criteo gives you a wide range of advice to prepare for the approach of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. To not miss any, just download the guide.


After Black Friday and the Holidays

Of course, we must continue the efforts made after Black Friday and until the end of the holidays. In addition to the audiences targeted during the promotional period, it is also necessary to target last-minute buyers who can no longer order in time. The wisest thing is to highlight its click and collect service, which will allow shoppers to get their products and gifts before D-Day.

As for advertising formats, this time it is preferable to opt for interactive display ads, sponsored products and advertisements with countdown. The goal is to create a sense of urgency that will entice consumers to purchase your items. To help you do this, Criteo offers you multiple examples. For example, it is efficient to display a countdown before the deadline to receive your gifts in time for the start of the festivities. The ebook will give you many ideas to inspire you until the end of the holidays, but also after them.

Criteo’s guide is essential for refining your strategies before, during and after the end of the year. To succeed in boosting your sales during this strong period of purchase, download it for free.


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