James Bouknight arrêté pour conduite en état d'ivresse

The chilling new details of the Hornets player’s arrest!



It is a tradition among Hornets, a new player was arrested this weekend after Miles Bridges. New details have just come out on this case, and the situation could be a little more serious than initially expected. The franchise has also reacted to this new scandal.

What if the Hornets were this season’s surprise team, but in a bad way? After two consecutive eliminations in play-in, logic would dictate that the men of Michael Jordan progress and get a place in the Top 6 of the Eastern Conference, or that they at least manage to get out of this small preliminary tournament… But it’s the opposite that could happen.

LaMelo Ball has just injured his ankle and he could miss a few games at the start of the season, and Steve Clifford will also have to deal without the second best player of last season, namely Miles Bridges. Still entangled in his domestic violence case, the one who should have signed an extension of more than 100 million dollars leaves Charlotte in a bind.

James Bouknight had a gun in his car!

And that’s not the only bad news, since the young James Bouknight has also just been arrested by police for drunk driving, and this for the third time since his arrival in the franchise… If Internet users have decided to make fun of this wacky situation, the case could be much less funny than expected. WBTV, a local channel, gives more details on this new arrest:

Hornets player James Bouknight was arrested this weekend for drunk driving. According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, he was put in a cell shortly before 2 a.m. His bail was placed at $2,500. The police report explains that the player was found asleep at the wheel, in a parking space. The police also confiscated a 40mm caliber weapon.

Two points of view can be defended against these revelations. The first is that the player was so drunk that he fell asleep at the wheel, which is obviously very dangerous. Knowledge with a weapon is also worrying, an NBA player does not necessarily have to have reasons to use it. The other approach is that he was lucid enough to stop in a parking lot… Honesty finally spoke.

We are aware of the incident involving James Bouknight and are seeking to gather additional information. We have no further comments to make at this time.

After this third driving violation, James Bouknight may have to stop taking the car and order Ubers. He can drink as much as he wants and go home quietly, without risk the arrest and his career.

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