The changing marketing sector on working conditions and sought-after talents

The changing marketing sector on working conditions and sought-after talents




The changing marketing sector on working conditions and sought-after talents

In recent years, major transformations have been taking place within the marketing and communication sector. According to a study published by the Observatory of marketing and communication professions, the digitization of this sector of activity has been accelerated by the health crisis.

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The business leaders who participated in this survey nevertheless listed several major factors in the transformation of the marketing sector.

At the top of this list are:

– digitization (cited by more than 7 out of 10 respondents);

– openness to corporate social responsibility (mentioned by 5 people out of 10);

– the use of social networks (mentioned by more than 3 out of 10 respondents).

Evolution of work organization

The transformation of the sector has changed the organization of work in companies. Most of them have indeed adopted work in project mode.

This translates into collaboration between several professionals with no hierarchical link, and whose skills are complementary.

In principle, it is in particular large structures with more than 500 employees who have chosen to organize work in this way. Nearly half of these companies (48%) work in project mode.

Recruiters are looking for young talent

In addition to changes in the organization of work, the profiles sought by companies have also changed.

Indeed, recruiters are interested in young talents coming out of top schools. More than 6 out of 10 managers questioned on this subject believe that these young graduates are well prepared for the transformation of the marketing and communication sector.

Not only do they have the necessary professional skills, but at the same time they have the knowledge required to adapt to the evolution of the sector.

In addition to this, these young talents will be able to bring real added value to the company thanks to their soft skills.

The main qualities sought in young graduates

Most managers in the communication sector (70%) want to work with young graduates who have a spirit of initiative and the ability to adapt and move around.

More than half of them (56%) are looking for profiles with a good capacity for integration, creativity and a desire for innovation.

What about those who want to work as a freelancer?

Freelance marketing and communications professionals can take advantage of this transformation in the sector to boost their employability.

Indeed, companies operating in project mode need the skills of freelance experts to complement those of their internal marketing team.

In order to facilitate the management of the activity, the freelance consultant can opt for wage portage marketing. This form of employment makes it possible to benefit from a CDI or CDD contract and the social protection offered by traditional salaried employment, while the employee carried on preserves his independence.

Indeed, he is free to choose his missions and to negotiate the prices of his services, but he will no longer have to deal with the establishment of the contract or the invoicing and the collection of the invoices.

All of this is taken care of by the portage company, which takes care of the administrative and accounting management in its place (payment of the monthly salary, payment of social security contributions, etc.).

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