NBA Victor Wembanyama pétri de qualités

The big unknown quality of Victor Wembanyama!



As the probable first choice of the upcoming draft, Victor Wembanyama is necessarily steeped in talent on the court. But some of its assets are still quite unknown to the general public… and these will increase its monstrous rating a little more.

NBA superstars could see it during his match against Team Ignite, Victor Wembanyama is not a player like the others. If the pivot is considered one of the greatest all-time European prospects, it is not without reason and he has proven it to everyone with a mammoth performance. 37 points accompanied by 5 blocks, all while signing a 7/11 (!) three-pointer, difficult to do better to justify its status as the probable first pick in 2023.

It must be said that between his delirious physical measurements (2m21 in height, 2m44 in wingspan!) and his technical faculties far above the average at his post, the nugget from Boulogne-Levallois already represents a sacred client in itself. But as a former Pelicans scout revealed recently, these are not the only strings that the person has to his bow. He would also be a born leader, something quite unusual for an 18-year-old athlete:

Ex-NBA scout drools over Victor Wembanyama

Here is a list of things I noticed in his first 3 games that I think speak to his character/personality as a competitor and teammate. Action 1: He is the one who speaks in the pre-match rally. It’s rare for a young player in a pro team.

Obviously, the V has therefore already taken the reins within Vincent Collet’s roster, a rather remarkable feat. But this is not the only unknown talent of the former ASVEL:

Wembanyama plays physical and plays with a big competitive spirit. Are you 2m21? You have to be the biggest and baddest of them all on the court. He cashes the contacts, makes the rotations, drops big counters, runs the floor, comes back for the counter-attacks, makes efforts on several positions and fights by eliminating the defenders who come to the aid.

Lately, I’ve been very impressed with Wembanyama’s game vision, passing ability and quick decision-making. A true star attracts multiple defenders and feeds his teammates selflessly. Wembanyama looks like fun to play with, an underrated feature for a young superstar.

In addition to being a very technically gifted athletic freak, Victor Wembanyama would therefore also be a born leader, someone who gives everything on the field in all circumstances and who knows how to let go when necessary. Don’t throw any more, the cup is full.

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