NBA La poussée de croissance folle de Bryce James

The big theory around LeBron James and his son Bryce!



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Bryce James is beginning to panic the canvas as much as his older brother Bronny, and many see him turning professional like his father LeBron. A rather crazy theory is circulating about them… The project would be huge, especially with regard to the King.

We’ve known for a while, LeBron James imperatively wants to be still active when his son Bronny becomes an NBA player. That means he needs to play at least two more years, with the 17-year-old boy not eligible for the draft until 2024. After that, the four-time champion is ready to go just about anywhere for a bit. that this allows him to evolve alongside his offspring. But according to Skip Bayless, the winger could even try to aim even higher.

Indeed, apart from Bronny, there is also Bryce Maximus, the second son of n°6 who is starting to make a lot of noise. Regularly shocking by his physique at 15, he is destined for a future on the courts according to many people. However, the journalist Fox Sports think that his father could then try to postpone his retirement a little more, in order to play with or against him! The analyst thinks it is possible, recalling that LBJ is very keen on physical condition and that he would clearly have the determination to achieve it:

LeBron ready to play with Bronny… and Bryce in the NBA?

You can’t tell me that LeBron isn’t inspired by Tom Brady (45-year-old NFL quarterback, editor’s note) from a distance, just by looking at what he does. LeBron has Brady’s commitment to fitness, we can’t take that away from him. He does not exhaust himself in meetings, in studies of match videos. He likes it, and he feeds on that passion. It will break the mold for how long you can last during an athletic career.

And while his heart is in it, is it plausible – in the genre, “possible” with big quotes – that he could get to a point where, if they remove the one-and-dones, he could play with Bronny and Bryce? It wouldn’t surprise me coming from him.

If the idea of ​​seeing him evolve alongside his eldest son was already crazy enough, what about the one where he would still be active when his youngest turns pro? It’s hard to imagine such a delirium.

As a reminder, the “one-and-done” rule was introduced by the NBA and its former boss, David Stern, in order to prevent young players from going directly from high school to the NBA. If some have enjoyed legendary success after making this choice, such as Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett, they are exceptions and by doing this, athletes take the risk of depriving themselves of an academic career. You must therefore spend at least a year in the NCAA before being eligible for the draft.

It is therefore no coincidence that since 2010, all the players selected with the first pick have spent only one season at university before making the leap to the big league. If Bryce were to comply with this rule, then he will not be able to make his professional debut until 2026, two years after his brother Bronny. The Chosen One may be a physical monster, but it is difficult to see him play until he is 41, at least not at the level he is currently showing. On the other hand, if the rule were lifted, then it would be much more possible.

Could LeBron James try to still be active when Bryce James is drafted in the NBA? It would simply be madness when it comes to longevity. For that, however, the young man would already have to be destined for a career on the court, which is not yet guaranteed.

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